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The Closer Role. The Save

Rate this Entry Jim Caple, Thank you.

OK, I just want to say I wrote about this in a previous blog, John Bonnes had me post about this in the forum,!!

Now on ESPN front page we have some experts talking about the most annoying stat in baseball. The "Save" These guys make the same points I have been making, and I absolutely agree w/ what these guys are saying. It took Chapman to blow a 2 inning save to get this attention, and I don't blame Baker one bit in putting a guy like that in the game to win. The name of the game is to win baseball games not get your "closer" in there in a "save situation", It is soooo stupid and I just wanted to get this off my chest as I saw it on ESPN. I want to thank Jim Caple, (who I always have liked) to write a great article about the save.
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