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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

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Summer in Duluth, MN is very short, as a retail worker I don't get many weekends off, and I don't get to spend enough time outside, I try to get as much sun as I possibly can, or clean up my house after horrible flooding in the city and my house. It really sucks trying to get ankle deep water out of your basement, on top of that at 1 a.m. trying to get someone to hire when every house is in the same boat. Thanks to a buddy that answered his phone at 1 am we saved as much as we could without getting too much damage. As I look outside right now on a day off, I get frustrated at it is supposed to rain and thunderstorm all day. I am back and want to make sure that I keep up with the rest of the year for the Twins, as I have continued watching them night in and night out.

I first want to comment on the Tiger game yesterday where Scott Diamond continues to impress me. The Twins put up 12 hits in 4 innings and were lucky to score 3 runs. The Detroit Tigers are not going to win the central because of there horrible defense. You were watching one of those games where Roy Smalley put it best that they will need at least 5 runs to win this game. When you have Cabrera/Fielder back to back they are going to do some damage against the Twins, we can't get Cabrera out, so when we can't hit the long ball, or xbh's you just aren't going to outscore Cabrera alone. Again I am impressed with Diamond, I do somewhat understand why he was pulled, what I don't understand is this, I want to share a text I sent to a buddy who was watching the Brewer game, and knows Fielder obviously pretty well. "Tie game 1st and 3rd, Fielder up, don't u just walk him." 1 minute later Fielder hits a 3 run bomb. " Or u put in a guy who has 7 IP in career, and give up a 3 run bomb, fu@#$ng stupid" WHY WOULD YOU PITCH TO THAT GUY THERE, OR NOT AT LEAST PUT PERKINS IN TO FACE HIM RATHER THAN A ROOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T GET THAT AT ALL. I missed the post game, I hope they asked that question. I am sure he was waiting for the stupid f'n save situation, I HATE that stat more than any other stat in the world, SERIOUSLY!!!

I know this has been talked about to its legth, but I wanted to add my opinion on Mauer being our All Star. First of all I get it! I get it is a exhibition game for the fans, I get Mauer has the best OBP in the league. The one thing I don't get is he gets a pass by not playing a position really. If I wasn't from MN I would want to vote him in, because I don't know another player on the team. As a Twins fan I would have loved to vote 3 different players in though. 1. Josh Willingham, he is our all star, he has been very fun to watch and the best overall value FA in the league. He has 9 Game Winning hits, he has 19 HR's, and has really helped the lineup stay in games. 2. Scott Diamond, Without him I don't know what Gardy would be doing with a rotation that after Sunday will have thrown out there 11 different starting pitchers. "11!!!" How do you have 11 different starting pitchers 84 games into the season, that is very difficult. He should have had another win on Thursday, he would be a very close 2nd to Willingham. 3. Trevor Plouffe- Mid may he was batting .132, he is now around .240 with 18 HR's, he has played very good defense, tied with the most HR's in June, this guy was one bad game away from being in Rochester for a long time and bringing back the worst Twins player in a long time Danny Valencia. I hope Plouffe keeps going because he is the best 3B potential we have had in a really long time. If he can continue doing well for a couple years, learn to play 2B or SS when Sano comes up, we could have a solidified infield. I would vote as a Twins fan those guys in that order, then Mauer. I am not dogging on Mauer, I think we have been able to get him in the lineup and use him as well as we can, but I am not sold on the All Star for our team without having the solidified C position.

We have a lot to consider with Liriano!! I am as confused as anybody what is going to happen with this guy. Next year he has an option of 12 million, I am ok paying him that for one more year as of today. If he gets traded that team is getting 15 starts from a guy that could be very good or a horrible investment for probably 2 minor league players. I like the option for us on that on if they are going to be impact starters, which could happen for someone desperate, as starting pitching is rather weak right now. Otherwise let him go in free agency and get 2 compensatory picks, which isn't all that bad either. I have no idea what the best option is at this point. I want to see him do very well in his next 2 starts, which starts today, and maybe you get that bidder that needs someone and gives up too much, I think the Twins need that more than anything at this point. I think if anybody is really on the block it is going to be Liriano and Capps. We can only root for them to get us the most back

Next year the Twins unload $30 million from the payroll. Greinke? Really, that doesn't happen for the Minnesota Twins, who opened up a great ballpark, have had the money to do something great, but probably won't get anybody better than a Willingham signing once again this off season. The Minnesota Wild just spent almost 200 million dollars on two players that may make the Wild relevant, which they should be in the state of hockey. I am a Twins fan first and foremost, but I do like watching the other 3 major sports. I was at work, checking Twitter Tuesday and Wednesday just waiting to see if a Minnesota team could land the unimaginable. It happened, and I am excited and so is all of Minnesota from Rochester to Ely. I live in a Hockey Town, and there was more talk about the possibility, than I have heard about anything since "are we going to sign Favre". I thought it was pretty sweet, I would love to see if the Twins can make some kind of splash this off season.

Who would we really trade before the trade deadline, and why? Mauer, no. Doumit, no. Butera, no. C position is solidified. Plouffe, no. 3B solidified. Brian Dozier, no. SS good. Jamey Carrol, maybe? But what would we gain, nothing, and we have nobody that can take his position, so I am saying no. 2B good. Morneau, maybe? We have nobody that can take his spot yet, but if he can't hit lefties at all, we could really take a look again at Parmalee. 1B up in the air. LF Willingham, maybe? I can't see them letting the FA go here, and one of the Twins fans favorite players at this point. His salary doesn't hurt us that bad next year, I think he stays. LF good. Denard Span, maybe? His contract is so team friendly, we would really have to get impact players that could help us next year or the year after to make this deal, but if anybody goes it would be him. I just can't see that happening. Ben Revere, no. RF good. That doesn't leave us with much leaving, or worth trading. Our rotation we have 2 players that I can easily see leaving. Matt Capps #1, the fans don't like him, I think he has been someone I thought would pitch better this year, I can't see him as a true closer. I would love to see him go. Liriano, HUGE ?? I only want him to go if he pitches well his next 2 or 3 starts, because we would get max value for him. Otherwise I would like to see him stay, and the 2 options we have aren't bad at all at the end of the year as I stated before. I really don't think of the Twins as buyers or sellers at this point because I don't think a lot of trades make sense. We will see very soon, I hope if they do anything they set up the Twins to make off season moves in free agency.
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  1. glunn's Avatar
    Nice post. I am sorry to hear of the flooding, but glad that the Twins are giving you so much enjoyment.
  2. Rosterman's Avatar
    The Liriano situation, getting two draft picks, means you have to offer him arbitration. Unless Frankie is totally lights out, I doubt that he would get a one-year $12 million contract in the free agent marketplace. I also wonder if teams would take a multi-year flyer on him for $10 million a year, even. He might actually have to settle for $7-8 million, again, and hope to be stellar, except that the team that has him at the moment won't be able to get him for that unless they let him walk. If the Twins trade him, they can always offer him a free agent contract - think about that -- and still get something in trade...if he wants to pitch for the Twins, that is.

    We all like Span, but once again he is approaching the .260 average, like he did last, year, and besides hitting a bunch of doubles, isn't doing it on the offense. He has a friendly contract, is a bit higher rated than ever now, and if we can trade him, do so. Surprisingly, Mastro is heating up and would make a nice tandem in the outfield with Revere, for now.

    The question is Morneau. If you aren't overwhelmed, you keep him and hope he is overwhelming on the field in 2013.

    Casilla. Second-coming of Luis Rivas? The big problem is that he'll be a near $2 million player next season. Is he worth it? I mean, look what the Twins paid Punto in the past, and even Jamey now. Rememebr when the Twins didn't want to pay Hocking a million to be Mr. Infield.

    Somehow, the Twins have to stop devaluing their players so early. There is no worth when a guy sits: Casilla, Valencia, Toshi, Clete Thomas, Balckburn now are all guys that could potentially be released and had for either remaining salary or pro-rated major leave minimum and the Twins get nothing in return. If nothing else, the Twins should do minor organization moves with these guys and get some sot of minor league player back to fill the system and maybe blossom, rather than just a salary cut.

    Hey, one big question: Does any Liriano trade also involve Drew Butera as the throw-in?
  3. rogrulz30's Avatar
    Your comment about the players that have contracts that sit is alarming when you look at Casilla, Valencia, Toshi, Thomas, Blackburn, that is a lot of money tied up in absolutely nothing and it really adds up when those guys hold a big chunk of money. We will never give up Butera, I just have to thank god they re upped Doumit. As far as the Liriano thing, if he pitches well the second half I don't see why we wouldn't offer the 12 mill contract for him next year.
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