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Why didnt Drew Butera pinch hit?.....

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My goodness...I would like to say we have hit rock bottom, but i doubt it! Thanks Terry Ryan, we had the wonderfull Clete Thomas in the lineup and Drew Buter on our bench..lol Please, some one please, explain to me how any of you can have any faith in this joke of an organization?.....what is our future plan? What is our present plan?.....This is with out question the worst run twins team I have ever seen....at least in the early 80s we had a young core andtok there lumps before they got good.....what the hell do have to look forward to with this joke of a team?.....and unlike most of you, my rant before the season started....terrible...but thanks Mr. Ryan, you saw our problems and got Clete (BLANK) Thomas and brought back Drew Butera from the minors.......DREW BUTERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!....
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