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Rickie Back to Mauer...

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Hey bro, you are right! I play when I feel like it just like you do. Heck, my fans are almost as stupid as yours...but do you really think they are going to fall for that excuse?...lol...I sure hope so! I really hope I can sign a monster contract like yours and then become a diva!...How fantastic life must be for you!....Home town always forgivin untradeable hero who the press protect no matter what kind of non-playing excuse you make up! You have showed me the way, just like you did when you left a hint of the plate for me to slide to....I now get it, you were pretending to be tuff and block the plate but secretely giving me a back door and I missed it...My bad! But hey, you got your days off and everyone fell for it so I guess you owe me one now!
Till we meeat again (nicely next time!), Rickie
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