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Some possible second half promotions

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Here are a bunch of players who could see a promotion in the second half. I certainly do not think all of them will and there are likely a few others who will be promoted, but it is my intention to point out some strong performances, even in limited time in some cases. A few of them are likely very soon (Rhodes, Roberts, Atherton, Bromberg) and many others are most likely early August moves if they happen at all.


Adonis Pacheco, OF
Ernesto Ciprian, OF
Junior Subero, SP
Javier Vargas, SP/RP


Dereck Rodriguez, OF
Aderlin Mejia, SS
Kuo Hua Lo, SP


Romy Jimenez, OF
Rory Rhodes, 1B
Niko Goodrum, SS
Jonatan Arias, C
Taylor Rogers, SP
Dallas Gallant, RP


Eddie Rosario 2B/CF
Miguel Sano 3B
Matthew Koch, C
Nate Roberts, OF
Steven Liddle 1B/OF
David Hurlbut, RP
Tyler Jones, SP/RP
Tim Atherton, RP


Daniel Ortz, OF
Jairo Perez, 3B
Josmil Pinto, C
Ricky Bowen, RP
Matthew Hauser, RP/SP
Jose Gonzalez, RP


Chris Herrmann, C
Aaron Hicks, OF
Evan Bigley, OF
Chris Colabello, 1B
Deibinson Romero, 3B
Andrew Albers, SP/RP
Steve Hirschfeld, SP
David Bromberg, SP


Sam Deduno
Sean Burroughs
Deolis Guerra
Anthony Slama (pending return)
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  1. greengoblinrulz's Avatar
    Derek Rodriguez to ELIZ is a no brainer as he's a 2nd yr guy playing well
    Niko & Keplar to Beloit for the same reason.....think Harrison & Adam Walker could also.
    Rosario & Sano...dont think MN is sold on em. Roberts is overdue
    Pinto to New Brit for sure....not sure of Hauser now he's starting, but he should
    MN considers AA the top lg for prospects, so I only expect Watts/Pugh, Bromberg again.
    Hirshfield is already in ROC.
    Hicks/Hermann/Arcia are all Sept callups straight from New Brit
    Only new AAA promotions to me are Guerra & probably Duduno
    Updated 07-04-2012 at 10:23 PM by greengoblinrulz
  2. Rosterman's Avatar
    The Twins have to look at 40-man adds for September vs. 40-man adds once the season ends (those guys can't be removed for free agent signings or such until spring training ends).

    Also, the Twins don't move guys around a lot between Beloit and New Brit and Rochester. It can be hard on players to just move up a level for a few weeks, having to find new lodging and such. The taset of the higher level of play can come in the Arizona Fall League, or extended Fall play, if need be. That's not to say a playe or two will move up permanently.

    Of course, depends on what happens with the Twins cutting bait with various minor free agents and such. If a player moves up to, say, Beloit, that player moving further up has to take the place of someone else, too. And the disabled lists can only hold so many bodies. Plus, you have to play games to keep players down for the Rule 5 (remember, there is a minor league version).

    Be interesting to see how many spaces can be cleared in advance of season's end on the 40-man -- Toshi, Valencia, Casilla, Span, Pavano, Capps, Liriano. Will Fien and others stay or be resigned as minor league free agents (or will they move elsewhere). Like do the Twins really need to add Burroughs, for example, to the 40-man.
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