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Kirsten Brown

Moving Pitchers on the Titanic

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Originally posted at k-bro's baseball blog

We all know how crazy the Twins starting rotation has been this season. The club keeps moving guys around hoping to replace those who are hurt or ineffective. And it keeps happening because guys who are given a chance aren't always making the best of it. All these moves remind me of a metaphor that TwinsGeek John Bonnes likes to use: moving deck chairs on the Titanic.

It's an intriguing phrase that perfectly describes the frustrating situation.

I wondered what exactly that would look like. So here is my graphical schematic of the Twins moving deck chairs:

Look again at Cole De Vries. Poor guy -- started in AAA, called up 5/22, sent down 6/7, back up 6/30, back down 7/1, back up 7/3. I wonder if he even bothers to unpack his suitcase.
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  1. glunn's Avatar
    Nice blog!

    Hopefully this chaos will eventually lead to order. In the meantime, it makes sense to keep trying new people until more of them stick.
  2. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    I am horribly gripped by the temptation to photoshop Rick Anderson holding Scott Diamond as "My Heart Will Go On" plays in the background...
  3. JB_Iowa's Avatar
    Great column and posts.

    Waiting to see that photoshop creation!
  4. Kirsten Brown's Avatar
    @ glunn and JB -- Thanks for the compliments.

    @ Peanuts -- Hahaha! Do it...DOOOOO IIIIT! If you create that photoshop, I'll put it on the post, give you tons of credit, and give you a virtual k-bro brownie!
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