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Defending Joe Mauer's value for $23M/per year

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It is super popular to rip Mauer and his contract, more specifically his "output/dollar spent ratio"but let's be honest - it is 100% not his fault the Twins are so bad this season. Yes, even when you factor in how his $23m/yr ties up so much payroll. My argument:

1) Mauer is the best offensive catcher in the AL. He is also paid the most.

2) Everyone wants to make the argument that he ties up $23m/year for his "pedestrian production". The guy is leading MLB in OBP. He is 4th in AL BA - he has an OPS of .865 and an OPS+ of 140.

3) This:


Here are the slash lines of the "All Star" catchers. The one nearest Joe is Yadier Molina who should be projected with a grain of salt because he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for a two year spike in OPS after SEVEN seasons of combined below .700 OPS.

At least Joe provides production at the top of his position by one metric for that $23m/per.

Here is another way the Twins are spending $24.25m/yr.

7W 14L 6.45ERA 152IP 194H 79K 109ER 66BB 1.71WHIP 4.67K/9

This ghastly pitching line is the combined totals for Pavano, Blackburn, Baker and Capps for 2012. At a combined cost of $24.25m in 2012.

It is really hard to complain about Mauer's output/dollar spent ratio when you view this output/dollar spent crap sandwich.
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