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Trip to Target

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Friday the 13th was living up to it's unlucky superstition yesterday. Upon arrival to the Twin Cities, and following a 2 1/2 hour drive, I was greeted by pouring rain and hail. It wasn't long before the poor weather conditions were making a good reflection of my temperament by effect. It had been weeks since I had seen rain and of all days...now?! Fortunately enough, the storm clouds passed and the end result was nothing more than a 15 minute delay.

My seat was in the bleachers just to right of the foul pole in right field. The overall view of the game was great, but there were occasionally fly balls that escaped view when hit towards right center. I think many can attest that there really aren't any bad seats in Twins Territory. Prior to game time, I made a trek around Target Field and it looked as good as ever. I made sure to go to the batter's eye where Jim Thome legendarily hit a HR over. The only thing I couldn't find was an Oakland fan. As much as I tried to spot just one Athletics fan, I could not!

Liriano was a real treat to watch. Francisco was on a strikeout tirade and eventually ended up netting 15 total. With every swing and miss, cheers mounted in fruitful hopes of another K being hung. However Liriano briefly got off pace when he gave up a grand slam to Jonny Gomes in the fourth. My stomach didn't settle very well after that and the crowd grew silent as well for an inning. The game must go on though. The thing I have always admired most about Liriano is his poise. He always appears confident in the way he walks and he really had it last night despite the 4 run homer. Frankie shrugged it off and moved on in his conquest for more hacks. Even catcher Drew Butera seemed to be fooled by Liriano. I recall him dropping roughly half of the 3rd strike swings. Offensively, the Twins got on base, but didn't get runs. Willingham provided all the offense with a solo HR and another HR that brought in Mauer as well.

As much as I would have liked a win, the game was really entertaining and I can't wait to go back to Target Field again. I'd really like to know if this is the first game where a pitcher struck out 15 or more and yielded a grand slam? That's not something you see everyday!
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