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7.31.12 - Judgement Day and the Return of Liriano

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Tomorrow is July 31, 2012 and we all might have this date branded into our memory if things don't play out right.

As we all know, Liriano pitches against us tomorrow, less than 3 days after we traded him. If real life was a movie in the making - this would be the stage for Liriano to throw a no hitter or a shutout with double digit K's.

Seemingly for most of us, this trade stung a bit and seemed unnecessary because of the return. Yeah, I get it... Liriano was not coming back after this season and the Twins received some players that will play in MLB for a time... great... feels sort of hollow though.

Not to be a Negative Nelly, but I truly hope Frankie sucks tomorrow and gives the South Siders the same headaches for the next few months as we have been dealing with for the last 4 years.

Let me make myself clear. In the first decade of the 21st century when the Twins were going good, but failed to make the playoffs - I instantly became a supporter of the National League, I have no interest in cheering on the AL East or West playoff teams and I especially have no place in my heart to root for one of our AL central opponents. When the White Sox won it all in 2005 it made me intensely sick. Fortunately I had a lot going on in my life at that time, which made that sickening feeling less intense. Whomever wins the World Series this year, I hope it is an NL club.

Judgement Day (Trade Deadline):
It's a crap shoot to guess what will happen tomorrow for the Twins. My guess is there will be no trades made. We have some handsome pieces, but a lot is being asked for in return, which should be the case. If the Twins are overwhelmed with some top grade pitching prospects for Span, Morneau, Willingham, etc., etc. - you have to go for it. It seems that no club wants or will trade these kind of players anymore, so there is seemingly no point to set yourself up for a let down.

So far this season we have one Chump Trade under our belt - I see no reason to have another. It is important to keep the fan base happy to some degree... I hope that is the Twins Organization's thought process on this matter.

As a Twins fan I hope there is no trade tomorrow. If there is, the disappointment will most probably trump the Liriano trade. Where we stand right now in the world of MLB is that no organization wants to trade their top prospects, especially of the pitching ilk. (I apologize for being redundant)

The Twins will need to fix this mess internally. If what I say is the gospel, we better be ready to be patient... very patient.

Good Luck to us all on 7.31.12
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  1. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I think Span is the most likely to get traded, not that I know to who or for whom.
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