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Expanded Rosters

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September is one of my favorite times of year. I am a big fan of seeing the young talent that is brought up to fill the roster. With so many knowledgable writers/posters on this site I would love to hear your thoughts on who gets a real look this fall. Also, is there any chance with some of the wasted spaces on the 40 man that some unexpected faces are brought up?
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  1. COtwin's Avatar
    Obviously a lot can change on our roster before August 1. I would really like to see Hendriks get a low pressure chance to see if his success can translate. Benson seems like he is getting his head screwed back on straight. Does Arcia get a look?
  2. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    What wasted spaces on the 40-man roster are you talking about?
  3. John Bonnes's Avatar

    For future reference, when asking a question, you'll often get a lot more responses if it is posted on one of the forums, like the Twins Talk forum.

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