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Scott Diamond and a +/- wins bet, rating Cory Provus, Coomer, Smalley, TK

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I have consistently said good things about Scott Diamond. He has been the pitching MVP for the Twins this year by far. I have enjoyed watching the games he has pitched as he hasn't lost his "control of the game" at all this year in my opinion. He is very consistent in the strike zone, doesn't give up walks, and lets the defense get outs for him. He reminds me of a young Steve Avery from the Braves. I have continued to tell a buddy of mine that he has impressed me. Of course as a Brewer fan, "and a Minnesota hater" he has to tell me all of the things he doesn't do, and that it has been luck that he has as many wins as he has, and his ERA is so low because of where the balls have been hit, and the amount of players left on base is going to start going the other way. I am a big fan of sabremetrics, but when you watch somebody in control like Diamond vs Liriano I don't think the stats tell the entire story. That being said, the Twins are 15 games under .500 I took a wager that I have the Twins win in Diamonds starts against the losses of Diamonds starts. I think I have the good end of the stick. I could be wrong on this one, watching tonights game in the bottom of the 7th I would be 1-1 since we took the wager.

This is the first year in my lifetime that John Gordon hasn't been in the radio booth. Cory Provus from the Brewers took over and I have been able to listen to games when he is on, on my way from work and away from a TV. I have also been very used to listening to Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven. With Blyleven taking a lot more games off this year we have had a mix of Tom Kelly, Roy Smalley, and Ron Coomer. I have really liked listening to different people, along with the different takes on each one. If I had a choice of someone to pick if Blyleven left this is how I would go.

First I want to rate Cory Provus as I have listened to enough games now to get him, and adjust to listening to someone else.

1. Excitement C+, I don't always get the excitement of what is going on with Provus yet, even though it will come. This is the first year of doing the Twins broadcast and it has to be tough gaining the excitement level.
2. Color (what is going on) B I think he does a great job of letting us know what is going on that I can visualize it. From what a pitcher is doing, or a hitter at that, even when the play isn't happening and there is a lull. Every time I listen I can get a feeling of what is going on.
3. Teaming with Gladden C I think it is very tough trying to work with Gladden as Gladden does not have good color or excitement, Gladden gives us a little understanding of the technical side of what they are trying to do, but it is hard transitioning and I don't think that is Provus' fault.
4. Knowledge B I think he understands the minor league system as much as he can, as being a first year announcer. He asks good questions to other managers/coaches. He understands the system and starts to learn the players in the system. I am impressed with the baseball knowledge, and doesn't seem to give us blanket statement which we all hate.

Overall B I have to say minus the excitement and the buy in so far he has done a good job, and I really like the choice the organization made.

1. Roy Smalley- If I had a choice to choose a person to take over for Bert it would be Roy Smalley. I know he overstates a lot of players abilities, especially Mauers. But I really like his insight of the game overall. I like the experience he brings, and the stories he can tell. He compliments Bremer very well and I can hear that in the broadcast. I give him an A-

2. TK- I really like TK in the booth in small increments (e.g. 3 game series 4 times a year) He was obviously a smart manager. He prides himself and others on hard work. I really think he has fun in the booth. He knows he isn't there for long, and makes sure to have fun. I think if he would be there for an entire year he would run out of things to say. I have always had the upmost respect for TK, and I really do like listening to him. B-

3. Ron Coomer- Way tooooooo much of a homer. Yes I am a homer, and most of us are. He has too many good things to say about players and not enough of things they have opportunities on. I find it frustrating sometimes that he doesn't say the truth when the player is struggling. I like Coomer when he is in the stands/ takes over for Incmikoski. Bremer really does a great job exploiting the stregths of all of them. I think if Coomer learned more about the other team, or the minor league players the Twins have, he could be better. I really think Coomer lacks work ethic in the booths. C-
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  1. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    What's your take on Bremer and Gladden?

    Bremer is a company man, but does fairly well. I would give him a B-.

    Gladden is the worst thing on the radio I have heard. I would even rate him lower than Bill Walton for the NBA. Gladden rarely lets you now the situation, does a very poor job of explaining the action, and gives little to no technical details on what is going on. He is the worst announcer I have heard on thde radio or television, hands down. Grade = F-. He needs to go now.
  2. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I'd grade Provus higher, Smalley lower and Kelly a little higher, though I agree that it seems like he would run out of things to say.

    As for Bremer and Gladden, I'm ok with Bremer and I like Gladden as a color guy. The one thing I like it the he calls it like he sees it. But he struggles with play by play - I often don't know what really happened when listening to him. And I agree with the author that he and Provus lacked chemistry initially. It seems like it's getting better and I hope that's because Gladden is starting to recognize he's not alpha dog there. He shouldn't be. He makes a great complimentary piece, but Provus needs to be the show.
  3. rogrulz30's Avatar
    Overall I am not a big fan of Dan Gladden, the biggest reasons Bonnes suggested as I don't know what is going on after the ball is hit. All of a sudden it could be over the fence with no excitement either way. Gladden knows baseball, but doesn't have all the words to go with it during plays. Overall I give Gladden about a C-, I think he can get a lot better by adding more words. Bremer I have always liked, he is likeable, funny, has good chemistry with the person he is in the booth with. He is just very consistent!! I think that makes him good, I think the biggest thing he may lack compared to other TV guys is a little more excitement and opinion. I give Bremer a B
  4. drbob524's Avatar
    Having lived outside of MN for 5 years now and subscribing to MLB extra innings or MLB.TV for that time and having to listen to other teams TV announcers I realize that Dick and Bert are above average. There are a few teams with better announcers, I think the Indians are pretty good and a lot of teams with worse announcers, Yankees, both Sox, Royals. My overall grade B
    I think Roy is not very good. He talks about stuff in such a manner that it takes him 10 minutes to tell a story or talk about a play that anyone else could do in 15 seconds. I also agree that he over-exagerates the players abilities. my grade C-
    I think TK is great. I would love a three man booth of him, Dick and Bert. TK clearly knows the game and its intricacies which is great for people who really know the game, but at the same time he can talk about it in a way that anyone can understand.
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