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Adam Dunn vs Justin Verlander more K's?!?!?! Dislike of the White Sox

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I dislike the Chicago White Sox, they are my least favorite team in the MLB (behind the Yankees). I have always liked watching the series between the two, I really liked the Ozzie Guillen era where we wiped up on them consistently. The White Sox are arrogant. They have a sense of entitlement, and realistically they are the only Chicago team that stays semi competitive. I absolutely dislike the TV announcers Hawk and Stone. I can't stand these guys, "Hawk" says the most ridiculous things, he is worse than Haray Carey, who I absolutely loved. So I was checking out some things on the side of the White Sox and ran into this, which confirmed my belief on how bad they are. http://chicagoist.com/2012/02/27/fan...nounce_cre.php, yes FanGraphs even have them rated the worst. As my last blog had me rating some of the Twins guys, I forgot to add what I don't like about these guys. When I lived in Las Vegas and had MLB, I had to unfortunately listen to these guys, it was great when the Twins were beating them up, but once they got a lead and had to listen to "Hawk" have all the excuses in the world that they lose to the Twins I had to shut it off.

Adam Dunn is leading the Majors in home runs. He is also leading the league in K's. If I were ever to think that a player would have more K's than a pitcher in a year, I would never think that was possible. This year we have someone who can do that. Justin Verlander has 142 K's, Adam Dunn has 144 K's. What????? I couldn't believe that, I am so happy I was glancing at some of the things the White Sox bloggers have to say about there team that is going down the drain, which was expected at the beginning of the season. This is really funny by the old batting stance guy. http://www.southsidesox.com/2012/6/2...atio-hilarious. Worth watching.

The trade deadline is coming, I am not going to pounding the subject, all I can say is we need pitching next year, I think I am one of the only ones that am on board with keeping Liriano, (or at least offer him the 13 mill option) as the FA market may be out of reach for the Twins. If we have Liriano, Baker, Gibson, Hendriks, Diamond next year, we have a shot at improving that during the offseason, but it isn't the worst we could ask for, w/o Liriano, or a higher potential 1 guy, we are in a very similar place we are today. I wish we could unload Pavano and Capps. I am for keeping the rest. As Nelson wrote this could be the last time we see Liriano in the Twins uniform. GL Liriano

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