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Twins Trade Talk 2012: July 26

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Originally posted at The Tenth Inning Stretch

This continues the dialy trade talk updates for the Twins and of action around the league that influences the TWins trade moves, up until the deadline. You can find all the older updates here, in reverse chronological order. Here is the Twins Trade Talk the past 24 hours or so:

  • Add another team to the list of teams interested in Franscisco Liriano: the Arizona Diamondbacks. LEN3 writes that the scouted Liriano along with the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Reds and Toronto Blue Jays last Tuesday. Cubs? Maybe they were scouting someone else.
  • Some interesting bits from Jason Stark's latest. He says that the Twins are looking for "a young ready to go" starter for everyone they trade. Also he indicates that Fransisco Liriano is "guaranteed" to be traded, probably after his next start. He also ranks what the Twins want in return for their position players as: a. Josh Willingham ("so expensive, it made me laugh"), b. Denard Span ("more pricey") c. Justin Morneau ("pricey"). Also indicates that the Twins do not want to pay for any of the $19 Million Morneau is owed, in a trade. In the same piece, he indicates that the Los Angeles Dodgers have talked to the Twins about Morneau. Meanwhile, Bob Nightengale says that the Dodgers will add a bat and a starter.
  • Ken Rosenthal mentions that the Cincinnati Reds have been looking at Denard Span, but the price seems to be high and they might have to look at rentals instead.

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  1. Winston Smith's Avatar
    Could be the White Sox are looking at Garza and the Cubs are scouting the Sox. Unless of course the Twins may want to bring Garza back home, seems likely doesn't it? I bet you'll see a bunch of scouts at nearly every game this time of year.
  2. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I saw once on MLBTR that one GM said, "They asked for established pitching, established hitting, and a few good prospects to top it off (or something along those lines)." That, I would imagine, would be the kind of offer the Twins might be expecting to have in hand if they trade Willingham, who was labeled "so pricey, it made me laugh.
  3. Thrylos's Avatar
    The point is, that, unlike Liriano, the Twins do not have to trade Willingham or Span or even Morneau, so they are waiting for a team to really give lots back. Makes sense.

    I would think that the Cubs would want prospects and they would not be scouting the Sux MLB team. Unless they maybe scouting someone like Casilla or Fien or Swarzak or something along those lines from the Twins
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