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Twins Trade Talk 2012: July 28

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Originally posted at The Tenth Inning Stretch
This continues the dialy trade talk updates for the Twins and of action around the league that influences the Twins trade moves, up until the deadline. You can find all the older updates here, in reverse chronological order. Here is the Twins Trade Talk the past 24 hours or so:

  • Ben Goessling of the Pioneer Press reports that Twins' interim General Manager, Terry Ryan, "is making and taking calls". This is the first time that it was reported that Ryan is making calls, i.e. actively shopping Twins' players. In the same piece the names of the usual suspects (Justin Morneau, Fransisco Liriano, Josh Willingham and Denard Span) are mentioned without being linked to suitors. Also mentioned is that the Twins will be looking to get "hard-throwing arms" with a "high-upside" in return.
  • Interesting article here in the Chicago Tribune from the Cubs' perspective, but suggests that it might starting to be a buyers' market for Starting Pitchers, which does not bode well for the Minnesota Twins and Fransisco Liriano. On the other hand, Chigaco's own Matt Garza is shut down with a triceps situation, which might take one pitcher off the market at the deadline.
  • Phil Mackey connects the Atlanta Braves, who were shun by Ryan Dempster, with Fransisco Liriano. Over at the ESPN rumor central, they have Liriano linked to: St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, Washington Nationals, Texas Rangers, Cincinnati Reds and Baltimore Orioles. In other words, half the league is after Liriano.
  • Jim Bowden indicates that the Cincinnati Reds are "chasing" Denard Span, among others.
  • Here is a name not mentioned before: Glen Perkins. John Morosi tweets that there have been "heavy interest" and that the Twins' price is "very high"
  • Jason Start reiterates that Justin Morneau is available

Any of these guys will be still be wearing Twins' uniforms for the 7:10 PM CDT game on July 31st?

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  1. freightmaster's Avatar
    Garza plays for Chigaco? Aug 31st? We will certainly know by then, maybe you meant July 31st?
  2. Thrylos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by freightmaster
    Garza plays for Chigaco? Aug 31st? We will certainly know by then, maybe you meant July 31st?

    Good catch with the August/July thing... I corrected it.
    Garza plays for the Cubs (unless he got traded)
  3. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I have seen on MLBTR that the Cards and the Orioles are the ones going the hardest after Liriano.
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