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Deduno - Wild stuff.....can it be controlled?

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I always love when players get a chance in the bigs...

Been dying to watch Deduno pitch and here are my observations...

Has "electric" stuff ok not electric, at least with juice...

One thing about how he pitches is, if he doesnt know where its going the hitter doesn't either.

This was his best start, with additional control, I think he can be effective.

I like a rotation next year that includes DeVries, Deduno and Diamond...with two of whoever else....

The fact that they decided to rest Diamond for so long after the all star break..worries me..and I would not be surprised if he lands on the DL in the future.

This is the perfect time to give long term hands a shot....if there are any other pitchers having a decent year from AA on up..lets get them up here..and see what they got
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