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Something Feels Different

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Do you ever get a strange feeling, and you can't put your finger on what it is? Well lately I've had a strange feeling every time on I turn on the Twins game. It's a feeling I haven't had in a while, what is that feeling you ask? Well, it started on Friday night. I turned on the game and I thought to myself, I think the Twins are going to win. Then it happened again on Saturday, then Sunday and then once again tonight. I don't know why, and it is an unfamiliar feeling. Maybe it has to do with the fact that during the summer months the Twins have a winning record. Maybe it's because I think the Twins actually believe they are going to win everytime they step onto the field. Whatever it is I like it. It's a feeling I haven't felt in two years. I actually think the Twins are going to win.

After tonight's game I have a renewed faith in this team. No, I don't think they are going to go on to some magical run and make the playoffs, but I think the future is beginning to look a little bit brighter for this team. The offense which was touted as being able to score runs going into the season is coming around and actually starting to look stronger heading into the last third of the season. The entire lineup is under the team's control going into next season and some salaries are coming off the books next season. I hope the Front Office is starting to feel this same feeling I am having and are beginning to butter up the Pohlad's for some extra cash to spend this offseason. Assuming no major trades are made involving the lineup this offseason, I believe this lineup along with some quality starting pitching can contend in the Central. One top of the rotation starter and middle of the rotation guy instantly brings respectability back to this club. Two new arms, Diamond, Gibson, and rounding out the 5th starter spot with Blackburn or Deduno doesn't looks that bad. Yeah, something definately feels different.


  1. CDog's Avatar
    Agree with your feeling. As an analytical type, I tend to bristle at words like "seems" and "feels," but only when talking about things that have already happened. All of those things have already happened and already been recorded, so there's no need for things like "it seems like Player x has been hitting into a lot of double plays." Either they have been or they haven't. When it comes to being in the moment, however, sports fandom is all about how your team makes you feel and the hope (or lack thereof) they provide. And there has definitely been a premium on that good feeling during games for at least half of last year and the start of this year. And I agree that the tide of that feeling for me has also turned (although I felt it a little sooner than this weekend). It took a little hit for a stretch in July, but it's back, baby!
  2. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Don't count Cole DeVries out for that last rotation spot either. Honestly, the twins really only seem to need one or two bullpen arms, a quality #1 starter, and a shortstop (not to mention help from the magic protecting-the-players-from-injury fairy). With the utter domination that Parmelee is displaying down in AAA, I wouldn't be surprised if 1) he is called up in September 2) He alternates with Morneau 3) the Twins use it as a gauge of whether or not they can trade Morneau and if he is ready to take over 1st next year.
  3. Loosey's Avatar
    C-Dog - I am also an analytical type and don't like to use "seems" and "feels" but like you said this post was meant to talk about a "feeling" I haven't had in a while. And it is a good feeling isn't it.

    J-Dog - As good as Parmalee has been as of late, I don't think the Twins should trade Morneau unless it is for a premium starting pitcher. I think Morneau is turning a corner and could be regaining his 06-09 form. I wouldn't want to give that up for anything less than a #1 starter.
  4. twinzgrl's Avatar
    Loosey, loved your blog. You articulated very well a feeling I've also felt. It is pride in being a Twin's fan again. I got so sick of all the jabs from family and friends about how the "Twins suck" for the last year. The team was mostly unwatchable in April and May. But, as of late, they have shown us many positives. We still need starting pitching desperately, but I like the nucleus of this team. I haven't gone to a game since May, but I'm going next week. Detroit--a little scary. But, I'm enjoying being a Twin's fan again.
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