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Random Tuesday Twins Thoughts and Tidbits

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Originally posted at The Tenth Inning Stretch

Here is this week's installment:

  • The Danny Valencia trade to the Boston Red Sox last Sunday is old news, but if you have not checked it yet, here is a mini scouting report of Jeremias Pineda, the Dominican switch-hitting Center Fielder the Twins received in return.
  • Speaking of the Danny Valencia trade, here. here are a couple of reactions on his trade by current Twins' players. Danny's reactions are here: part 1, part 2 and part 3.
  • Here is an article by Tom Powels lamenting the Twins' inertia during the trade deadline and discussing Terry Ryan's stuck in the past methods.
  • Can you believe that AJ Pierzunski did that and did not leave Target Field with a ball on the helmet? Reason is that he was too much of a coward to start in the Wednesday game. But the Twins are playing the White Sox again...
  • The Twins have signed 18 year old Australian RHP Josh Guyer. He will join the team in Spring Training. This is what he looks like. Apparently he is pretty good with the bat also. This article is as close as it comes to talk about his skills. It is mentioned that he is throwing the ball at 150 kph (this is 93.2 mph), which is alright for a high school kid.
  • On the organizational movement front: I decided that minor league transactions deserve their own space, so you can find them all here (most recent on top) on a weekly basis. I will be updating every Saturday.
  • Listening to Bert Blyleven trying pronounce Samuel Deduno's last name, makes me think of this song
  • If you wonder how glamorous team meals in the minors are, check this out
  • RHP Lester Oliveros has been shut down and will have surgery to clear bone chips from his pitching elbow. And, speaking of MLB-ready relievers, Anthony Slama was assigned to the GCL yesterday for a rehab assignment.
  • Chris Parmelee was named International League hitter of the week for last week. Here is an interesting article on him
  • The Twins are about to be attacked (or at least some Twins' fans) by those of Leeds United a British Premier League Football (Soccer) Club
  • Speaking of places that do not like the Twins, you might want to add Rochester, NY and Beloit, WI, which seem to have lost the priviledge to host a Twins' minor league affilate for 2013 and beyond. I expect announcements to this effect to come on September 1st (the first day franchises can announce new affiliations officially.) To add insult to injury, the Beloit Snappers were giving away bobbleheads of Price Fielder in a Milwaukee uniform. Last time I checked, the guy is playing for one of the major Twins' rivals. Not too good.
  • Because I did not mention it before and I have not seen it mentioned widely: The Twins signed a 30-year committment to their Spring Training facilities at Lee County (Fort Myers) after the county voted to do the improments they required. On related news, Lee County is intensifying its efforts to get a third team in the area to occupy the old Red Sox' facilities.
  • Another former Twins' player is reaching his potential. It is called entering his prime nad not giving up on players before their prime (something the Twins are not exactly great about.)
  • Here is a contest where fans pick current AAA players who will have the most impact as September call ups. The Twins' AAA representative is Pedro Florimon. I think that speaks volumes
  • The Twins' product of the week is the Minnesota Twins Slingback; hey it's back to school shopping time.

The parting shot today is of Tsuyoshi Nisioka (and his sidekick Ryo Shinkawa - never leaves home without it) who was recalled with the Twins Sunday, after Danny Valencia was traded to the Boston Red Sox and his made his MLB-debut for this season last night at Cleveland:

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  1. MWLFan's Avatar
    I agree on the Beloit move, but the Prince thing doesn't shock me. They do a former Beloit Brewer Bobblehead about every other year or so. They also did a Bobblehead of a local High School Basketball player one year. They are trying to get people from Beloit Wisconsin to come to the games and need that type of localized promo. I do find it interesting if you read Jim Mandoloro from the Rochester paper he seems to think that the Twins may have "saved" their ability to have Rochester as their AAA affilate. His take is slightly different then most Twins fans who would love to have a AAA club somewhere in at least long weekend trip drive away from MPLS/St. Paul. But that is the minors for you.
  2. Thrylos's Avatar
    Let me put it this way: Mandelaro and I have talked quite a few times on the subject

    And I kind of get the natives' point of view, but without the Twins (or other MLB teams), they would have no teams (or good luck at the Independent Leagues). And by pushing their history vs. the Twins' history (esp. when there is conflict) alienates Twins fans and it is not respecting their contract. And there are more Twins' fans than Beloit fans, who watch Beloit games. When let to their own audience (i.e. non-travelling Twins' fans) they have 140 people in the ballpark. Would it be wrong to give out a Sano bobblehead instead ? Past is past, but it is the Twins who are putting butts on the seats and players on the field right now.

    Of course, my point of view is that of a Twins' fan who does not live there and root for the MLB local team and not the Twins.

    Sometimes I kind of like what the Yankees do, which is call most of their minor league affiliates Yankees. Solves those type of problems and helps convert the natives...
    Updated 08-07-2012 at 12:58 PM by Thrylos
  3. Jim Crikket's Avatar
    I don't understand the "not respecting their contract" thing at all. The contract is the Player Development Contract which simply dictates who's responsible for which expenses, etc. The MLB affiliate does nothing but provide players, coaches and trainers and pay their salaries and certain other minimal operational expenses (part of bats/balls, travel over certain levels, etc.). If fans don't show up, the local ownership loses money. The MLB team has no business risk whatsoever under the contract. If the MLB team wants to dictate what the local club does for promotions or what merchandise they sell or which players are "honored" in some manner, they need to buy and run their own minor league clubs. Not many do that, however, because that WOULD present a business risk.

    Minor league clubs and their staffs rely on local revenue streams to make a living and have absolutely no say in the make up of their rosters or the personalities of the coaches assigned. Local clubs that can't at least break even can't maintain facilities at acceptable levels and will eventually risk losing their teams. Expecting them to pledge loyalty to a MLB organization that doesn't have any financial skin in the game is absurd.
  4. Thrylos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Crikket
    I don't understand the "not respecting their contract" thing at all...
    Alright. Let me give you a business analogy, maybe this might help get my point across:

    A person is hired as an independent contractor in a commission basis to sell cars in a car dealership. The dealership does not pay him salary or benefits, all the money he is making comes from commissions from cars he sells for them. The dealership also has a repair shop. How would the people who own the dealership feel, if the guy, along with every car he sold, passed out a discount book for car shop services from a competitor?

    THAT simple.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Crikket
    Expecting them to pledge loyalty to a MLB organization that doesn't have any financial skin in the game is absurd.
    No financial skin? The Twins are trotting a mufti-million dollar investment every day in Beloit (player bonuses) to play. If they did not do that, then it is tractor pulls and all you can eat cheese curd contests for those guys...
    Updated 08-07-2012 at 04:58 PM by Thrylos
  5. Jim Crikket's Avatar
    First of all, the car dealer and independent salesperson will have a contract that would presumably spell out what is and isn't allowed/expected in terms of repair referrals or other peripheral activites. The PDC is very specific about what the limits are in terms of MLB/MiLB team responsibilies. Thus there is no "respecting the contract" issue. Each party has responsibilities that begin and end with the terms of the PDC. Period.

    You also seem to think that the "loyalty" only goes one way... that the MiLB team owes its loyalty to the MLB because they cover labor costs. But the local team has NO say in who gets assigned to their team and the MLB team is also getting the benefit of having someone else provide the venue, traveling expenses, etc., for their players to play. Where would the Twins send Sano and Rosario to play if they didn't have affiliates? They'd have to buy and operate minor league teams and ballparks themselves and deal with trying to make those operations at least break even.

    It is a two-way street that both parties sign up for. They both know where each party's responsibilities begin and end... exactly as spelled out in the standard PDC which is dictated my Major League Baseball. The MLB team gets a place to have their talent play baseball using facilities that meet minimum standards (again, specified by MLB rules). The local team gets talent to perform at their venue. The MLB team gets to move players in and out as they see fit, regardless of effect on the quality of play on the field. The local team gets the right to package and market baseball in whatever manner necessary to make ends meet.
  6. glunn's Avatar
    There are a LOT of interesting links in this blog. I have spent almost an hour looking at them. Thanks for the hard work putting this together.
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