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Zumaya Injured?

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Within the last half-hour, Joel Zumaya impressed local media and then he abruptly ended his session, walking off the mound with trainer Rick McWane. Zumaya said he was OK but with his injury history, this does become a story.

Star Tribune's Jim Souhan tweeted "Never draw conclusions from BP but Zumaya is throwing quite hard. It seems."

Three minutes later, the scribe tweeted, "Zumaya ends session early. Walks off with trainer. Says he's ok but..."

The Twins signed Zumaya in January to a one year, non-guaranteed, Major League contract. It is worth $800,000 with incentives if he makes the Opening Day roster. If he does not make the Opening Day roster, the team will pay him $400,000.

So although it is possible that Zumaya ended his pitching session early just to be precautious, it certainly is a story worth watching.


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