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Twins Player Who Deserve A Look At A Long Term Deal

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Originally posted at The Terrific (Minnesota) Twins blog, http://terrificmntwins.blogspot.com/

A look at five Twins who the team should consider giving a long term deal. They all have their own speerate reasons for why they are in the discussion, from lack of better options to actually deserving the deal.
Jared Burton
After signing with the Minnesota Twins in the offseason as a minor league free agent, Jared Burton quickly worked his way onto the big club, and almost as quickly worked his way into the right handed set-up role. Since Matt Capps became injured, Jared Burton has been splitting time between closer and main set-up man with Glen Perkins. The arguement could be made of Jared Burton being the Twins best relief option this year, but he is definitely in the top two. With the Twins having a lot of medicore right handed options in the bullpen, the Twins would probably be helped by locking Burton up to a decent length contract. Since he is a reliever they shouldn't go with too long of a deal, but a deal similar to the one Glen Perkins signed would be a good starting block.
Scott Diamond
Scott Diamond maybe the Twins best pitcher this year, and has been by far the Twins best starting pitcher. With the starting rotation appearing to have no "for sure" internal options for next season besides Scott Diamond, and the options internally for future years still looking pretty thin, the Twins maybe should try to lock Scott Diamond up as soon as possible. The Twins do have a little more time to think about Scott Diamond, but if they want to keep the payroll down, they are going to have to take some risks on longer term deals when players are young.
Brian Duensing
Brian Duensing has been thrown back and forth between the starting rotation and a guy brought out of the bullpen to get lefties out. He has done well at starting at times, but his best value is as the lefty specialist, as he really excels in this role. If Brian Duensing is moved back to the bullpen it will allow for Glen Perkins to be the closer, and set up a nice end of the game trio with Perkins, Burton, and Duensing. Brian Duensing's deal would be worth slightly less money, but as a guy to come in a pitch against lefties he can be devastating.
Trevor Plouffe
Although his recent struggle are a great example of the risks which come along with giving out a long term deal, the Minnesota Twins should still have talks about giving Trevor Plouffe a long term deal. The Twins could use another player in their line-up besides just Josh Willingham and Justin Morneau who could put the ball in the seats at any time, especially one who could do it from the right side of the plate. Also, even though his defense hasn't been great, he has shown he has the tools to be a good third baseman, if given time and taking his at-bats out to the field a little less. The Twins should not get crazy in any deal given to Plouffe at this time, but if the price and the years are right, the Twins should consider a longer term deal.
Ben Revere
Ben Revere is a player the Twins should wait and see on, especially with the outfield prospects and possible surplus the Twins are going to have in future years. The reason he is included on this list is because if the Twins trade Denard Span and/or Josh Willingham it means the Twins are committing more to Ben Revere. Another reason to consider him is because he is in the top ten in the American League for Batting Average. Ben Revere likely will not see a long term deal coming his way, but the Twins have always seemed to like him more than most other people, and it has paid off so far, so don't be surprised to see him get one.

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