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Revere: The #4

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As a self-proclaimed visionary, I had a captivating thought about moving Ben Revere to second base. Maybe all the outfield transitions to infield rumors, as in Darin Mastroianni, or the promising results of one in our minor league system, Eddie Rosario, had gotten a grip on me. The more and more I thought about moving Revere, the better it seemed. This is certainly a radical, risky, and perhaps crazy thing to actually attempt, but the results could be extremely pleasing. More over, I'm really suggesting it as something the Twins consider this winter.


Adjusted Depth. Clearly the biggest way the Twins would benefit is by chewing up the black hole at 2B. That is if Revere provides competent play of course. It frees up a starting position in the outfield for Doumit, Mastroianni, Arcia, Hicks, Benson, or Parmelee. There's a lot of fierce competition to be in Minnesota's outfield right now and an opened spot gets one of those guys playing time instead of Jamey Carroll or Pedro Florimon.

Style of Play.
It's been long known that Gardy loves speedy middle infielders. Enough so that the Front Office once made the mistake of choosing Tsuyoshi Nishioka over J.J. Hardy. Revere hits for a high BA too which is excellent as a 4 or 6. By playing second base, his infamous weak arm would be masked by having the shortest throws in the field.

Athletic Build.
#11 is one of the best overall athletes on the Twins roster. If there's anyone that could handle that great a change, it's probably him. His effort, athleticism, and perceived dedication all are indications of that. Revere is the same size as Alexi Casilla only 10 pounds lighter and his figure is acceptable.

Somewhere to Improve.
Ben has had a great season so far and it looks as though he's reached his ceiling. He's a 3 tool player and we have seen him do what's expected: High BA, Plenty of SBs, and elite defense. There's no where to go with him. He'll never top a .750 OPS and he'll get kicked out of the outfield when superior prospects arrive. My current mantra says to trade him this offseason. That would all change of course if he can handle 2B.


Is it Worth it?
The biggest and most valuable facet of Revere is his defense in the outfield. How long before people start saying "Shades of Ben Revere!"? I can't fathom seeing him field ground balls.

No experience.
Ben hasn't had any time in his professional career spent in the infield. That was why I suggested it for something in the offseason. It can take a very long time to have a position 'down pat' and practice is mandatory.

This type of dramatic a change to a player is very dangerous. It could end up being successful or silly. Revere seems like a better fit at 2B than Mastroianni despite Darin's limited experience there. It would be strange at first, but you never know what could happen.
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  1. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    Why not Joe Mauer? Could be the highest paid 2B in all of baseball.
  2. Bark's Lounge's Avatar
    If I know the Twins Organization correctly... If the 2B conversion is to happen, it would probably mean Revere being sent down to AA next year to learn the position and spending most of 2014 in AAA perfecting 2B. It is probably a pipe dream. I can see FDG's proposition more realistically working out. Neither of which I see as feasible outcomes. In a perfect world it would be nice though.
  3. denarded's Avatar
    This was brought up a couple of years ago in relation to arm strength and twins depth of outfield talent. Maybe BYTO? But I've heard this before. Although Revere is outperforming any expectations this year and makes Span a commodity
  4. denarded's Avatar
    edit, perceived OF talent in the minors
  5. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Why in god^&&&()%&(*^%(*^%(&^%(*^%(*^%(&^%*&%#%$#@(&^ would the Twins switch one of the best fielding and contact hitters/outfielders in the game to 2B?
  6. darin617's Avatar
    At least we know he won't need a cutoff man to turn a double play from 2B... Then we would not have to hear any more noodle arm comments again.
  7. glunn's Avatar
    I think that this is a visionary idea that will probably never be seriously considered by the Twins. On the other hand, I love watching Revere play in the outfield.
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