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Size:  15.9 KBIn recent weeks, we have noticed an increase in the number of Blogs written by Twins Daily readers, and we want to make sure to give notice to those. Obviously, the front page often gets most of the attention, and the Forums follow with the discussion. But we want to encourage people to check out the Blogs page as well because there is often great content. And, if you are at all interested in expressing your opinions in a blog or writing a story on a player, a team, or a trip to see a Twins or Twins minor league game, consider starting your own blog here at Twins Daily. Itís free.

Today, I wanted to highlight some of the terrific blogs that have been written in recent days. Be sure to check them out, and again, donít forget to make checking out the Blogs page a regular part of your Twins Daily visit.


To think, those quality blog topics were all posted by members of the Twins Daily community over the last two or three days. I definitely encourage people to check out the Blogs page every day after reading the front page articles and providing good feedback to those who took the time to blog. And again, if youíre interested in putting some of your thoughts and opinions into blog form, consider starting your own blog too.
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