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JB (the Original)

Twins in Fantasy Baseball

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I've played Fantasy Baseball for a number of years in a number of formats, and while it's nice to be "steady" and "compete" in the Twin's way of thinking, it's still nice to know that you've got some players (in real life) that are good enough to make Fantasy Rosters in a 12 or even 14 team league. That said, outside of Mauer, and Capps (simply for the "saves" category that everyone tries to load up on closers for--but for no other reason), who do you see on the roster that makes the cut? I think Baker and Liriano will get some looks, but more likely FA pick-ups depending on how they start, and injuries to bigger name (numbers?) guys. Perhaps Doumit, but as a backup with C, OF, and 1B once he acquires eligibility at those positions. Anyone else? Thoughts?
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