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Indians shake off shackles

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When you’re losing matches, it seems like nothing goes your way. Every ball bounces the wrong way, those inches that win points are against you and every opposing player appears to be having a great game.

The Indians knew exactly how that felt earlier this month, when they came close to equalling the worst run of mlb scores in the franchise’s history.

They suffered 11 straight defeats in total and there appeared few rays of sunshine on a horizon that had become increasingly clogged up with grey clouds.

But Cleveland’s own Justin Masterson was the man the desperate ball club was able to turn to on August 8, when they were 6-2 victors over the Minnesota Twins.

It was a result that brought relief not only to the team, but also the entire city, and many in the stadium that day reckon the shrieks of ecstasy when the winning runs were hit were heard all over Cleveland.

Since that day, the Indians have won three further matches, and, while punters betting on baseball are hardly backing the side for a World Series push, the fact that this horrible run of results has come to an end is reason enough to celebrate, especially for the hero Masterson, who played an integral role in the victory that day.

“I'm sure it was a relief in all of Cleveland,” said Masterson.

“We all felt under an increasing amount of pressure, but there was something in the air ahead of the game against Minnesota that made us believe we could do it, that this could be the one.

“And I guess that prophecy came true.”

Cleveland’s challenge for the remainder of the season will be to restore a little
dignity to the ball club and lay foundations that will hopefully ensure there are no further extended barren streaks in the months or years to come.


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