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Deleted by John Bonnes but now is Re-edited

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This was originaly posted my own blog at blogspot. Then John Bonnes left me a nice message telling me why he deleted it. He thought that is was spam because it wanst baseball related. Which is fine but I have retuned this post to make it more Twins and Baseball Centric

TED talks are one of the most popular ways a college student can waste time surfing the internet. If you are unfamiliar with them I highly reccmend that you stop reading this and check it out. http://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinso...reativity.html here is his most popular talk and there is another http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDZFcDGpL4U that has similar point but more clever animation to keep you engaged.

According to Sir Ken Robinson he believes that schools are killing the american dream because of its standardization and constant assessment that ruins creativity. In my education classes at the University of Minnesota, we always talk about being creative and what an import skill is it in the word today. What is creativity? is means that you "think outside of the box!" Which is by far one of the worst definitions in the world for creativity because it concretely defines somethings that is far from it.

I bought the The element ( on ebook no less) because I knew it would be a great investment for me as a future educator and could help me to develop some of my own passions. In the book he makes several quotes that really stood out to me..

Here are the highlights with my own analysis.

" Finding the right tribe can be essential to finding you element. On the other hand, feeling deep down that with your the wrong one is probably a good sign that you should look somewhere else" Find people that share your passions, they become a great support system. If you don't find them than you are probably in the wrong in area. THIS IS WHERE TWINSDAILY.COM COMES INTO PLAY. If you love baseball, the twins, writing, better quotes than the cliche ones that players provide than go for twinsdaily. My prediction is that eventually, newspapers will be replaced. by online. Because why should the newspaper force to read "battle your tails off"

" never underestimate the vital importance of finding early in life the work that you for you is play. This turns possible underachievers into happy warriors" When you are a child you like to play because it is fun. Simply try to find work that is fun for you. One of my friends from college when he was younger loved playing in the garden and looking at worms. After graduating with a degree in biology and evolution he is about to enter graduate school for a masters in science that will lead him into the DNR

" what is true is that if your unprepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original" This is Sir Ken Robinson classic line and is found on his webpage. Simply look it up

" The Element is the meeting point between natural aptitude and personal passion" Once you are here you will always find happiness. Twins Daily Can you help you find that element.

" the real question is not are you intelligent but how intelligent are you? Think what are you really good at?

"Other examples of tribes inspiring individuals to greater heights abound: the sports teams- the 1969 New York Knicks, the "no Name defense" of the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins, the 1991 Minnesota Twins ls " The MN Twins of 1991 get a huge following here in this book and I think it is well deserved. Because they really played as a tribe not as a team.

" the Social psychologist Robert Cialdina has term for this. He calls is Basking in Reflected Glory or BIRGing. in the 1970's Ciadlina and others conducted a study about BIRGing and found that students at a number of american universities were much more likely to wear university-related clothing on the Monday after the their school won a football game. " BIRGins is really just another term for bandwagon fans. My personal opinion is that the Minnesota Market is full of BIRGers because there are four sports teams in one area. rarely do all of the teams do well at the same time. Robinson also adds that you need be a real fan that is with you in the good times and the bad. ( something that is a testament to the recent seasons and the past)

"The idea of luck is a powerful way of illustrating the importance of our basic attitudes in affecting whetere or not we find out our element" You make you own luck, or the harder you work the luckier you get. Attitude is crucial.

Robinson speaking on the podium on the Baseball Cooperstown about when Pee Wee Reese put his arm around him " I had lost my confidence and Pee Wee picked me up with his words of encouragement. He gave me hope when all hope was gone" Another baseball cliche story but this shows how important it is to have mentor when you pursue your passion.

" for a long time, he couldn't even grasp the difference between net and gross income. One days in exasperation his director of finance took him aside after a Virgin board meeting and said 'Richard, think of it this way;If you go fishing and throw a net into the sea you catch in the net is yours to keep thats your net profit. Everything else is the gross" I finally get this analogy for years as a caddie I was a having difficulty with gross and net scores. Net is what you keep... gross is everything else.

" .. the Best way to improve education is not to focus on primarily on the curriculum, nor an assessment, important thought these things are. the most powerful method of improving education is to invent in the improvement of teaching and the status of great teachers" I love to here these because assetment and exams doesn't always predict academic success. I learned in one of my educational psychology teachers that the ACT only predicts college success for two years really. Other than that is doesn't predict a student's life. Never let an exam predict your knowledge or success.

Bottom life you are thinking about pursing something that gives you great happiness in your life. Read this book and develop a plan to pursue. Happiness is there you just need to go out and get it. And Twins Daily is a great to way find your tribe, a mentor, and pursue your passion


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    Just to be clear Scott, I wasn't deleting it because it WAS spam. I deleted it because I was racing around the site deleting other spambot entries and at first glance I thought that's what it was. I realized it was a mistake, but I couldn't get it back.
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