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Prospect watch update

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Early this season, I wrote about 10 prospects who I believed would have breakout seasons. These are not top prospects but 25-50 ranking prospects who I believed would emerge into serious big league contenders down the road. Here is an update on them and my prognostication results are definitely mixed.

(age), team, PA, slash, 2B/3B/HR, BB/K, SB/SBA
(age), team, IP, ERA, K/BB, WHIP

The Good:

Nate Roberts: (23-6), Beloit, 339, .303/.435/.435, 18/3/4, 43/34, 27/34. Roberts stayed in Beloit all year and put up very similar numbers to 2011, with the addition of a fantastic BB/K ratio and a bunch of stolen bases. If he stays healthy, He should be moving through the system quickly perhaps ending 2013 in New Britain.

Matt Hauser:(24-5), FTM/NBR, 85 2/3, 3.05, 66/32, 1.272. Hauser excelled at Fort Myers and has held his own at New Britain. Not sure if the Twins plan to use him as a starter or reliever next year, but should be back at New Britain to start 2013.

Danny Santana: (21-10), FTM, 529, .288/.331/.404, 21/9/6, 28/77, 16/27. Santana played as I had expected this season, and did improve his plate discipline a bit over last season. He is still quite young, but I would think has done enough to move to New Britain next year. He plays SS, 2B, and CF, so it will be interesting to see how his defense shapes up over the next few years.

Angel Mata: (19-10), ELZ, 53 1/3, 3.38 55/34, 1.219. Mata is very young and has control issues, but he is definitely an exciting prospect to watch. Beloit will be a great test for him next year.

Lance Ray: (22-11), FTM, 417, .240/.332/.412, 21/1/13, 49/80, 5/6. Ray has quietly put together a decent season after starting (again) miserably. He has improved his plate discipline and played 1B along with both OF corners. Like Roberts, he put up very similar numbers in 2011 and 2012, but with small improvements. That's a good sign for next year (I would think he starts at FTM).

The Bad:

J.D. Williams: (21-9), BEL, 389, .236/.314/.341, 14/2/6, 38/113, 23/31. Williams was fantastic in 2011 and has only pulled it together of late this season to prevent the season from being pretty ugly. Definitely a disappointment, but maybe he will turn it around next year back at Beloit.

Pat Dean: (23-3), FTM, 150 1/3, 4.07, 77/33, 1.39. Dean's K rate is terrible. I question his future prospects at this point. Should stick at FTM to start the season and see if he can bounce back.

Tim Shibuya: (22-11), BEL, 74, 5.59, 56/15, 1.392. Shibuya started out very well, then faltered, and then got injured. Not sure what to think about next year with him. He does have promise.

Logan Darnell: (23-6), NBR, 151, 5.01, 97/46, 1.523. Darnell struggled off and on this season. He is headed to the AFL, and that will be a good test for him. Undoubtedly headed for NBR again next year.

The Ugly:

Tyler Grimes: (22-2), BEL, 365, .194/.307/.314, 16/3/5, 40/95, 7/13. This was just a very bad year for someone I thought would finish in Fort Myers. The ISO numbers are not terrible (.113 and .120), but he just cannot hit for average. He needs to go back to Beloit for 2013.
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  1. Jeff P's Avatar
    I would have thought JD Williams would have done better, he definitely would have been on my list for a breakout season at the beginning of the year. Hopefully he picks it up next year, with all the guys coming up from E Town, he could get lost in the shuffle real quick.
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