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Small Potatoes

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The Godfather II is one of the greatest movies of all time. The dialogue in the movie is top notch and worthy of the first class plot line.

One scene (of many) that struck me in the movie was the meeting between Michael and Hyman Roth at his Florida home. In the discussion between the two heavyweights. Michael discussed the fate of Pentangeli saying that "Pentangeli is a dead man". For someone as powerful as Michael to make such a strong statement about the life of a human being was a heavy moment, but, it was the response of Roth that really set the correct tone of the nature of the business they are in.

Roth replied "He's Small Potatoes", as he took a bite of his tuna fish sandwich.

It was a great line but it was made perfect by Roths casualness and ease of the thought of Pentangeli's death, so casual was the moment that it didn't even interrupt his meal. The bite of Tuna fish made the line stand out and it left the perfect impression with the movie watcher, you understood, the cold blooded nature of business.

My first blog isn't a movie revue. It's a blog to point out that September callups are here and the Twins roster is about to be filled with some new players with a future (hopefully) and other's who are small potatoes.

Each of these players is an individual human story. They have dreams and I would imagine, in every case, that dream is to be a major league ball player. They spend years working on their craft in the minors. Bus rides, call ups and send downs, per diem, cramped living quarters and a salary that won't secure a future for their family by itself, as a matter of fact, a salary that makes you poorer than a large majority of the working poor.

Just getting to the major leagues for a handful of at-bats has to be the most exciting time in their young (or not so young) life. Not only for them but for family and friends cheering for them at home. They come from different backgrounds of economic status. Some of them will come from an upbringing that is way beyond our comprehension. An upbringing where food isn't just a trip to the refrigerator away, shoes are not taken for granted, getting a decent education is near impossible, and they are surrounded by people living in the same conditions, conditions augmented by guns and drugs.

It's easy for us as fans to throw these players away. They are after all small potatoes. We have all read the comments about baseball players, comments that can be thoughtless and quite mean spirited. I personally think, the reason for the tone of some of these comments is that we are emotionally invested in the team itself and not so much the individuals. It's so easy for us to write off a player and take a bite of our sandwich without any thought of the humanity. The individual dream that is being played out before your eyes is easily lost on us because we are not looking for it.

With the 2012 season, for the most part, in the books. The Twins will not be playing in the post season. All we have left is the individual story, I think its a good idea to try and walk a mile in their shoes while watching the fleeting moments of major league opportunity. Get behind each of these players and remember that they are human and they have individual stories and dreams. If you try to look at it from their point of view. Each baseball moment will be bigger for you and you will find a different level of happiness if they happen to go yard, bloop a single or hang a zero and walk off the mound.

The Tuna will at least taste better.

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  1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Great post and I couldn't agree more (and nice use of The Godfather as well).
  2. old nurse's Avatar
    Considering the number of posts crucifing Butera and Gray this season, it is a great post.
  3. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    I'd like to find some way to slow clap through the comment section...but can't make it work. Nice writing. (And great framing device)
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