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Deduno Gardenhized?

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I was afraid Gardenhire and Anderson would fool with Deduno, and it looks like it happened. Deduno looked nothing like his former self in his previous start. Why?

My bet is, that Gardy and Andy just could not stand a guy they see as so atypical,

"you can't walk that many batters and be successful, Andy...." Hey guys, look a guy you passed on might be the Cy Young in the NL...same reason..

You have to allow Deduno to be what he is....a pitcher with wicked stuff..some of the best in baseballl...but the "braintrust" will never allow him to continue...this way, so fool with his head..and ruin him...I will take the walks..but never in Minnesota..will the be allowed...bye, bye Gardy..your team quit on you..
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  1. DAM DC Twins Fans's Avatar
    I am starting to join the bandwagon of fire Anderson--if they are making Deduno into a Twins-type pitch-to-contact guy then thats a crime. We need more effectively wild guys.
  2. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Name one pitcher in big league history who has had any sustained success walking more than he strikes out, and not striking out very many. Just one, please.
  3. mini_tb's Avatar
    Thank you, Seth.
  4. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Imagine if he has his wicked stuff... and he only walked 4 per nine innings instead of 8?
  5. JulioBecquer's Avatar
    New to the site but I have been reading the blogs and comments for a while. I noticed the request for the name of one pitcher who has had some success walking more batters than he struck out and came up with two that I recall - Bucky Walters and Wes Ferrel. However that being said I would agree that they are extremely few and far between.
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