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Lesser Dali

This is the Zodiac Speaking (Entry #1)

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Being a leader can be a pain in the ass. One can subscribe to this term as an added amount of pressure that makes the execution of one’s tasks or job much more difficult. It is not a job for the majority of us. The Twins’ lack a leader who is a player. Maybe all Free Agent efforts need to be put in that basket, whether it be a pitcher of position player.

The Twin’s need good starting pitching, much like a severely stricken diabetic needs dialysis. That does not mean the Twins should not be looking for a player who can fill the void of leadership on the baseball squad for the 2013 season.

As our team stands now Mauer, Morneau, Span and Willingham would seem to be the guys to carry this mantra. The reality of the situation is they are not those kind of players. They do not call other players out, they do not incite a riot within the essence of their teammates’ passions. They just do their jobs and hope to lead by example.

Is having a vocal leader on a baseball team overrated?

Good Pitching is a must, but passion and ferocity is needed on the field of play and in the clubhouse. I am under the impression that element has been missing for a long, long time.

Can it be found or is it a relic of the past?
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