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Winter Trades

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I think everyone would agree that the Twins greatest need is starting pitching.

In order to get major league starting pitching, the Twins probably need to offer starting pitching prospects. Look at all of the Oakland deals where they traded established pitching for pitching prospects. The Twins don't have starting pitching prospects to offer.

Conversely, the most attractive way to get starting pitching prospects is to trade major league ready starting pitching. Twins certainly don't have starters to offer.

So what to do with Span (or Willingham, Morneau, Doumit)?

By 2014 an outfield of Arcia, Revere and Hicks can be foreseen. Parmelee can be projected to help next year. Willingham, Morneau and Doumit will be in decline,

The Twins probably can't get significant starting pitching for them. Maybe they can fill another need.

Middle infield is a need.

The Pirates are an example of a possible trade partner. This is assuming that the Pirates believe in Brock Holt and also realize that his only position is 2B.

A parallel trade that might make sense to both teams could be Span for Neil Walker. I suppose Revere for Holt is also a parallel trade of position players at a similar age.

The Twins might spend the entire off season trying to trade position players for pitching and come up empty. They came up empty attempting to get pitching this summer. Maybe they need to adjust the target and try to fill a different need.

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  1. OldManWinter's Avatar
    Hate to see the team trading away guys like Span and Morneau especially ... they practically beg to stay. That does a lot for a team foundation.

    Sign Baker. Find a good free agent.
  2. beckmt's Avatar
    Why would Baker want to sign here? Would want him only on a two or three year deal and do not think he will do that.
  3. jorgenswest's Avatar
    They can guarantee Baker by picking up his option.

    If he can produce 2 WAR, he will exceed the value of his option.
  4. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    Good stuff here!

    I want to play for the Twins; I'll beg? Should they give me a contract? Teams can't make decisions based on factors like that. They have to field the best possible team they can.

    Morneau isn't what he used to be. It's sad, but it's the reality. Span is different because he is younger and in his prime. He might be worth keeping, but Willingham, Morneau, Doumit and the like are only worth keeping around if the team thinks they can content next year.
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