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J-Dog Dungan

Playoffs pt. 1

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While the Twins may not be in the Hunt for October legend-status, there are teams around the league that have clinched a playoff spot and are lining up their pitching according to who they will (or might) face in their first game (or series).

This will be a series of blogs about the different teams in the postseason, and how they rank up against everyone else (and especially against their first opponent, if that opponent is known yet.)

I will start with the National League, because their playoff bracket is more or less set, unless something amazing happens in regards to the Dodgers and Cardinals.

There is a divisional series already set in the National League, with Buster Posey and the Giants set to face Joey Votto and the Reds.

Overall, the Giants and Reds are fairly similar in many stats. They have very similar OBP's, Slg %'s, and OPS's, as well as RBI's and walks. But while the Reds may lead in a few categories, like HR's and 2B, they are trailing the Giants by a long shot in 3B (not as big of a deal, considering how big the park the Giants play in "plays" in the gaps), BA (by over .015), SB, and have almost 200 more strikeouts than the Giants.

While the Red's offense is built around the home run, the Giants have a much more solid attack.
Advantage: Giants

The difference in defense is a little bigger. Giants' catchers have allowed 50 more bags to be stolen under their watch and have had 20 more wild pitches get past them than Reds catchers; the Giants have committed 25 more errors than the Reds, which leads to a fielding percentage .004 lower than the Reds. The Giants, however, lead the Reds in double plays turned, in the number of runners they have caught stealing, number of passed balls, and in assists.

They are both average to above-average squads in fielding ability
Advantage: Tie

As well known as the Giants pitching staff is for having good numbers, the Reds actually have a lower ERA, have allowed fewer hits (again, only by two), have given up way fewer earned runs and runs overall, have walked fewer batters, have struck out more batters, have struck out more batters (only by 7) and have a lower WHIP rate than the Giants. The Giants lead the Reds in saves converted %, have throw fewer innings (only by 2 1/3), have given up fewer home runs, and has the same BAA as the Reds.

As well known as the Giant's vaunted pitching staff is, the Reds have surpassed their numbers in quite a few categories.
Advantage: Reds

Both teams have great pitching staffs, field okay, and hit the ball well. But when it comes to postseason experience, I think the Giants outrank the Reds in this case.

Prediction for this series: Giants in 4
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  1. IdahoPilgrim's Avatar
    I like the analysis, but this series is still only a possible one - Cincinnati could still win the top seed.
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