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2012 Season Predictions Revisited

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As we know, national pundits rarely go back and critique their own predictions. I wonder if our Twins Daily posters are made of stronger stuff.

I started a thread before the year asking for bold predictions for the year. This seems like a good time to revisit these. I will start with mine:

- Scott Baker will make less than 10 starts for the Twins, but they will pick up his option for 2013.
Baker made no starts for Twins this year, but it looks extremely doubtful they will pick up his option.
Result: half right

- Matt Capps will save less than 10 games for the Twins.
Capps ended the year with 14 saves. He was passable before missing the last half of the season due to injury.
Result: wrong (though right in principle)

- Joe Mauer will catch over 135 games and bat .330.
Joe played in a career high 147 games this year, but only caught 74 times as the team looked to keep him healthy by reducing his catching load. Joe did bat .319 this year and had one of the better offensive years of his career, but did not get to .330.
Result: wrong

- In spite of an inconsistent rotation and subpar defense, this team will win at least 81 games.
The defense was better than expected, but the rotation was historically bad. They ended with 66 wins. Not a pretty number.
Result: wrong

Feel free to revisit your predictions and comment on your optimistic or pessimistic view of of the team then and now.
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