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David Schoenfield thoughts on Arcia & Hicks

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Was reading the chat today on ESPN and came across this.

Hi David- Because they are rebuilding anyway, do you think the Twins should bring up Arcia and Hicks and let them play? Try to get some pitching for Span. Revere is only a fourth outfielder in my opinion he doesn't walk enough and has "0" power. Thanks!

David Schoenfield (1:44 PM)

I think both could benefit from at least half a season in Triple-A. Saw both play a couple times at New Britain. Hicks still has some swing-and-miss in his game -- almost TOO patient at times and gets into pitcher's counts. Arcia is young, just doesn't have much time about Class A. But I think trading one of Span or Revere is inevitable, yes.
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  1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Agree completely with his answer, including that a trade of (most likely) Span is inevitable.

    No way Hicks and/or Arcia is ready to start the season. Give them a half-season in AAA and see where they are. Last year, we saw a little of Parmelee and Benson. Both proved that they weren't quite ready this season (to very varying degrees). Let's see how AAA goes for Hicks and Arcia before bringing them up too quickly.
  2. AllhopeisgoneMNTWINS's Avatar
    Yeah whoever the writer of this question is completely abandoning all hope for next year. I agree with you Seth.
  3. mike wants wins's Avatar
    Or, whoever wrote it thinks the only way to get pitching is to trade some existing MLB players, and roll the dice with young guys.....
  4. beckmt's Avatar
    I agree that unless you want to spend big bucks on pitching this offseason, the Twins will have to trade to get more pitching into the system. This will entail some risks.
  5. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    I'd like to see the Twins spend big money this off-season, and I'd also like to take a trip to the moon. Span has most likely played his last game as a Twin, get used to an OF of Revere, Hammer and Parm. Hopefully the Twins can sign at least one competant FA starter and get another in a trade and then just see what happens. I'd love to go into 2013 with some hope.
  6. John Bonnes's Avatar
    FWIW, if this isn't already a topic in the forum, I'd be interested in seeing what the wider community thinks about it. Especially when you're writing a short entry and asking for feedback, it makes sense to post it in the forum.
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