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3rd Inning Stretch

Yet another blueprint...

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Trade Joe Benson and Liam Hendriks to Miami for Josh Johnson + $3.75 million
Trade Justin Morneau to Texas for Martin Perez
Sign Scott Baker - $3 million with incentives with club option for 2014.
Sign Anibal Sanchez 4 years $50 million
Sign Jeff Keppinger 2 years $8 million
Sign Matt Capps 1 years $2 million (setup, not closing kids)
Non-Tender Alexi Casilla, Drew Butera
Resign Burton and Duensing

Twins Payroll, 2013:

C: Joe Mauer; 23 M
1B: Chris Parmelee; 500 K
2B: Jeff Keppinger; 4 M
SS: Pedro Florimon; 500 K
3B: Trevor Plouffe; 500 K
LF: Josh Willingham; $7 M
CF: Denard Span; 5 M
RF: Ben Revere; 2 M
DH: Ryan Doumit; 3 M

IF: Eduardo Escobar/Brian Dozier; 500 K
IF: Jamey Carroll; 3.75 M
C: Chris Hermann; 500 K
OF: Darin Mastroianni; 500 K

SP1: Josh Johnson; $10M ($13.75 - $3 RECEIVED FROM MIAMI)
SP2: Anibal Sanchez; 12.5 M
SP3: Scott Diamond; 500 K
SP4: Scott Baker; 3 M
SP5: Kyle Gibson; 500 K

CL: Glen Perkins; 2.5 M
SU: Jared Burton; 2 M
SU: Matt Capps; $2 M
SU: Brian Duensing; 1.75 M
RP: Tyler Robertson; 500 K
RP: Alex Burnett; 500 K
LR: Anthony Swarzak; 500 K

ROSTER PAYROLL: 87,000,000
Contracts in minors:
Nick Blackburn: $5.5 M

Like it, dont love it, but its a start. Offense should be close to last year, and pitching vastly improved. Not sure if Keppinger will give us the time of day, but could not go into season with Carroll as a starter. He mashes left handed pitching, which I would love with all our lefties still. Martin Perez , Sam Deduno, and Nick Blackburn are there for injuries and early in season if they hold Baker/Gibson back at all or they are unable to start the season for some reason. Nobody came close to matching Miami's asking price for JJ last year, think this is reasonable and more importantly, gets most of the salary off their books

Other options Id explore are a trade of Span + to TB for James Shields. They picked up his option but I believe its for the sole reason of trade him. If they did that, one of the kids is in RF, with Parmelee sprinkled in there if necessary with Mauer at 1st and Doumit catching. I'd rather they make the moves I noted though, and hang onto Span until the deadline or next offseason when one of the "kids" should definitely be ready and we should have a idea on what the true needs are.

Brandon McCarthy is the other FA starter Id look into. I think at LEAST two guys like that need to be brought in. And the nice thing, is with the way this is set up, they could resign either Johnson or Shields to a decent contract starting in 2014 without adding much to the payroll (Carroll, Capps gone, Baker gone if you want him gone, Span gone by then one way or another), even if the bring in another pitcher at a double digit salary. We should have players by 2014 ready to slide into those spots (Rosario at 2nd, young draftees for bullpen, Perez for SP, lots of OF talent for Span).

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  1. jtrinaldi's Avatar
    The 2 trades are not logical. The Marlins do not want 2 average minor leaguers for JJ. They were asking for the house from Texas and other teams that acquired at the deadline. The Rangers would not deal a future ace for an aging first baseman who cannot stay healthy.
  2. 3rd Inning Stretch's Avatar
    And nobody would sniff JJ for that. They are even further into salary dump mode. If you wanted to sell your house, but had it at twice market value, youd come down when nobody meets your price. As time goes by and you really want to sell it, and its costing you money on top of it now that you dont want to spend, you will deal at market price, especially when youd lose the house in a year for nothing.

    I think we have different expectations for Perez. I dont think he is expected to be a future Ace. Baseball America had him as the Rangers #4 starter in 2015 in last years prospect rankings. He will be cosidered a B prospect going into this year (was a B+ last year on minorleagueblog), which is about what you can expect for Morneau, especially from a team's who's glaring weakness is at 1B and doesnt care about money.
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