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Twins Daily v. Internet Porn

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I have been a Twins Daily participant since March of this year. It has sucked me in, and at times it has been educational, captivating and controversial.

My problem with Twins Daily is that I cannot find the time to fit internet porn into my schedule anymore. I am torn between two worlds and I am not sure what I should do?

In 2003, after work, I would roll myself a marijuana cigarette, smoke it, have a Rolling Rock beer and watch some internet porn.

In 2006, after work, I would lay out a line of crystal meth, snort it, crack open a 13 year old Zima I bought at a garage sale (13 cases) and watch some internet porn.

In 2010, after work, I would pop some pharmaceutical pain killers, drink some shots of Hot 100 and watch some internet porn.

In 2012, as an unemployed citizen, I take some Ibuprofen to relieve my back pain, tooth decay pain, and constant migraine headaches, while drinking a 5th of Vodka (yearning for a Zima) while participating on the Twins Daily website.

Come Monday, I enter a internet obsession rehab facility.

At least I will have my vodka and Ibuprofen… and maybe some porn rags.

Signing out (If the treatment takes hold)

Bark’s Lounge
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  1. jtrinaldi's Avatar
    haha What the ****
  2. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    haha. Wow.
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