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Decision 2012: The 2013 Twins Line-Up

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It's Election Day across our great country and this means people should be getting out and casting their votes. Be informed about the choices you are making and help to decide the future of our country. One of the best parts about today is there won't be any more political ads on TV or the radio. Thank the heavens.

If you are reading this post, it doesn't matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat because you are most likely a fan of the Twins. Going to watch a baseball game and going to the polls to vote are two of the most American things someone can do. Only one of those All-American tasks can be accomplished today but that doesn't mean there aren't other decisions the Twins are weighing this offseason.

Every front office has to look at their roster as a ballot and put their confidence behind a group of players. Luckily, most of the terms won't be for four years or more but some decisions still need to be made.

Here are some of the areas the front office will be making decisions on before the start of next year. There are some easy votes and some tough votes but all of these decisions will impact the Twins future.
2013 Minnesota Twins Ballot
Catcher: The incumbent is leading in the polls but could another candidate sneak in and steal this election. Mauer had a bounce back year but Doumit had one of the best seasons of his career. Butera has been around the team for multiple seasons but he doesn't have much of a shot as a third party candidate.
  • Joe Mauer: The Incumbent
  • Ryan Doumit: The Challenger
  • Drew Butera: The Third Party Candidate

_________________________ Write-In Candidate

First baseman: Morneau showed he was over most of his concussion problems during the last campaign. He is aging and some other candidates could sneak in and take this spot. Parmelee deserves a chance to start and first base might be his best spot. There is a chance for Morneau to get elected to start for another team in the form of a trade.
  • Justin Morneau: The Incumbent
  • Chris Parmelee: The Challenger
  • Joe Mauer: The Other Challenger

_________________________ Write-In Candidate

Second baseman: The middle infield could be a wide open race to the finish. Alexi Casilla removed himself from contention when the Orioles claimed him in the last week. This still leaves multiple players and no clear leader as of Election Day.
  • Jamey Carroll
  • Brian Dozier
  • Eduardo Escobar

_________________________ Write-In Candidate

Third baseman: For the fans, Plouffe might be the clear choice for this spot. The front office contends that they will bring in challengers to push Plouffe. Carroll showed his ability to handle multiple infield positions last year and he could get elected to start at third base. Fans have talked about Mauer making a move to this position and it could happen in this election.
  • Trevor Plouffe: The Incumbent
  • Jamey Carroll
  • Joe Mauer

_________________________ Write-In Candidate

Shortstop: Much like the election at second base, there are plenty of candidates for this role but the polls continue to be tight. Dozier didn't do too well on the campaign trail in the last year. Florimon showed some great skills on the defensive side of the ball. Will this be enough to give him the election?
  • Pedro Florimon
  • Brian Dozier
  • Jamey Carroll

_________________________ Write-In Candidate

Outfield: For this office, there must be THREE names voted for in order for your ballot to be counted. There seem to be plenty of options in the outfield for the Twins and not all of these players might make it to Opening Day. Who are the best candidates to lead the team into the future?
  • Denard Span
  • Josh Willingham
  • Ben Revere
  • Chris Parmelee
  • Ryan Doumit
  • Aaron Hicks
  • Oswaldo Arcia

_________________________ Write-In Candidate
_________________________ Write-In Candidate

Designated Hitter: With so many tight battles in the other elections, the DH battle might be open for another candidate to sneak into the line-up.
  • Ryan Doumit
  • Justin Morneau
  • Joe Mauer
  • Josh Willingham
  • Chris Parmelee

_________________________ Write-In Candidate

So what would your ballot look like in this election? Who did you elect to start for the Twins in 2013? Leave a COMMENT and tell the world how you voted today (well at least for this election).


  1. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    I would go with Mauer at C, Morneau at 1B/DH, Parmalee at DH/1B, Dozier at 2B, Plouffe at 3B, Florimon at SS, and Carroll as the utility guy off the bench. I firmly believe the Twins need to trade Span and Willingham for starting pitching and starting pitching prospects. That means I choose an outfield of Revere - LF, Hicks - CF, Arcia - RF....Doumit can be a C/OF/1B/DH but should not start ahead of Morneau and Parmalee. So Doumit is off the bench with Carroll.

    If Mauer could be used at 3B (like vs. tough RHP's that Plouffe can't handle), that would allow for Doumit to catch more often. I like Doumit's bat in the middle of the line-up, but he wont replace Willingham if J-Will is traded. The Twins will have to rely on Morneau, Mauer, and probably Arcia to be middle-of-the-order run producers.
  2. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    My batting order for 2013:

    1. Revere - 7
    2. Hicks - 8
    3. Mauer - 2
    4. Morneau - 3
    5. Parmalee - DH
    6. Plouffe - 5
    7. Arcia - 9
    8. Dozier - 4
    9. Florimon - 6

    Bench: Carroll (IF) Doumit (C/1B/OF) Mastroianni (OF) Escobar (IF)
  3. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    With this line-up, there wont be a ton of home-runs hit. But this line-up could produce a lot of runs, and if we did trade Willingham and Span for better starting pitching than what we have, this could be a winning line-up in 2013. Defensively they would be very good up the middle and in the corner outfield. Arcia is a great RF, and Revere would shut down any pop up to LF. Hicks sounds to be Torri HInuter-like in CF. Morneau is quality defender at 1B, and Plouffe is ok at 3B.
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