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J-Dog Dungan

Who will have the monster spring?

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With so many options going into Spring Training, and with so few spots left to claim, the Twins seems to have most of their lineup and pitching rotation already set. But with 66 guys in camp, they are clearly being prepared in case the injury bug returns and continues to bite them. There are so many interesting stories in camp, but you have to wonder: How much will each of these guys need to do to consider being taken north with the team? Lets face the truth. In almost all predictions, the Twins are slated to place fourth or fifth in this division, and with the talent that the Tigers have with them, and the year that the Twins had last year, who can blame them. Just remember, going into 2011, the Twins were expected to finish within the top two slots in their division, only to suffer through a massive amount of injuries and drop to last.

With 66 players in camp, and with only about 3-4 spots left, the Twins are looking to have a seriously stocked Minor League (AAA) in case they need reinforcements. The especially interesting players that the Twins will for sure be keeping an eye on are Joel Zumaya, who is coming off several major arm surgeries and hasn't pitched since 2010, Sean Burroughs, who is looking to latch on and catch with a team after returning to baseball, Jason Bulger, who is also looking to have a good spring and hopefully make the club, Jared Burton, who is also coming off of arm surgery, and J.R. Towles, who is looked at as a very close replica of Drew Butera.

With all these and many more candidates for only very few slots, the Twins will have to use good reasoning in who they choose to bring north with them. While many people think that they have a slot on the team locked up, with what happened last year in the rearview mirror, Gardy will want to break camp with the best team possible. If several non-roster invitees surprise them, they might have to find room on the roster for them, even if it might mean knocking down someone with a little more experience.

For now, unless they have a seriously loaded contract, I would consider that there are several previous Twins who will have a hard time making the roster if they don't perform to the best of their abilities, whether or not they have options remaining.
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