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Jeremy Nygaard

What's Next? (Part 3 - "I think..." Edition)

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These aren't necessarily moves that I'd make over the course of the next few weeks, but these are the moves I think we'll see.

I think the Friday non-tender deadline will roll around and the news we've all been waiting to hear "The Twins will non-tender Drew Butera" won't come.

I don't think it will be because Butera adds a lot of value, per se, to this team, but I do believe it allows the Twins to keep Mauer and Doumit in the lineup every day and it allows Chris Herrmann to play every day in Rochester.

I do think that Butera will come back on a near-minimum, non-guaranteed contract. Remember, even though Butera can't hit himself out of a wet paper bag, he does handle a pitching staff really well... a pitching staff that - more than likely - can use all the help it can get.

Plus, that one open roster spot the Twins will need will come elsewhere.

I think (well, now we know) the Twins will outright (or lose on waivers) Tommy Field. While Field does offer some middle infield depth, he's a classic example of what the Twins have tried to do lately... add depth when other teams are under a roster-crunch and sneak the guys through waivers when rosters around the league are maxed out. (Sorry dudes, it didn't work this time.)

I think Denard Span will be traded. Denard Span might be my favorite Twin. He's a professional on and off the field and example of what's right when it comes to being a role model. Long-range plans, though, suggest that Span isn't necessary and he is valuable. (The contract that Bossman Junior just signed might make Span even more valuable.)

TR could probably trade Span right now and get a starting pitcher in return, but *unlike* Johan Santana, D-Span's value isn't going down tomorrow. With his contract, especially next year and 2014, he's going to look like more of a bargain.

With all that being said, I think the Twins wait to see where Bourn signs (Philadelphia? Washington? Tampa Bay? Someone else?) and sells Span to the team that feels they needed a center fielder the most and will give the most in return.

I don't think the Upton signing with Atlanta hurt the Twins at all. Not at that price.

I think the Twins do what they need to do to clear Lester Oliveros off of the active roster in advance of the Rule 5 draft. Considering Oliveros is recovering from elbow surgery, there probably has to be some sort of injury settlement, but I would guess that would more formality than obstacle.

That's two openings - plus a potential third if Butera is non-tendered - and depending on what is included in a Span trade, possibly more.

I think the Twins sign Brett Myers. It doesn't excite me at all, but if we can cross off 190 innings at the back of the rotation for, say, 2 years at $9 million, there's worse things. I wouldn't be crazy about it, but I wouldn't go crazy thinking about it either.

I think the Twins pass on Francisco Liriano. I was always anti-Trade Frankie, but this ship has sailed... unless he offers to pitch for $2 million plus incentives.

I think the Twins look at the list of non-tenders and find a guy they really like and get him early, like Monday morning early. I also think whoever it is makes us all say in disgust, "Really!?"

I think the Twins sign a couple of major league guys to minor league deals - maybe a guy like Jack Hannahan (to compete with Plouffe) as well as another pitcher or two to compete for a spot in the bullpen, if not the rotation.

I think the Twins draft a starting pitcher-like player in the Rule 5 draft and say "He's going to fight for a spot in our rotation." I think we'll know that he won't win a spot in the rotation.

I think the Twins will try to get long-term deals done with Jared Burton and possibly Ben Revere. I could see Burton signing a 2-year, $5 million deal with an option for a third year. Revere could get a Span-like five year deal, which makes more sense than you would think, considering it could potentially cover four arbitration years. (Revere is in line to be a Super-2 after next season.)

At the end of next week, I will probably be off on all of these thoughts - but at the very least - I think the Twins will have a decent starter to pair with Diamond towards the front of the rotation, another starter or two that can at least fill the spots on paper and hope that they can still add another decent starter (or two) in December or January. And Drew Butera. Yeah, I think the Twins will still have Drew Butera.

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  1. Cris E's Avatar
    I think they pick up a new SS before they sign a third pitcher, and I also think he won't be much better than the dreck we're sorting through already.
  2. AllhopeisgoneMNTWINS's Avatar
    Good insight, always nice to read articles like this.
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