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Fire Dan Gladden

Does Jim Bowden even watch baseball anymore?

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Jim Bowden is at it again.

In today's article, he writes about trade candidates for all 30 teams. For the Twins, he lists Justin Morneau. Even though the Twins have said they aren't trading him, and Willingham may be a more likely target. That being said, I can at least swallow that one. The rest of the article is the usual lazy work that he passes off.

Among the 30 players listed are pitchers:
Brian Matusz
Luke Hochevar
Jeremy Hellickson
Trevor Bauer
Julio Teheran
Mike Leake
Jake Westbrook

Guess how many of these pitchers he has the Twins listed as a potential trade target? That's right... none. Not one.

He does have the Twins listed as a potential trade target for two players:
Pitcher Vance Worley (though now Span has been traded I don't know what they would want)
1B Mitch Moreland

Really? We are on the lookout for another 1B? Yeesh.

I know I should stop reading his articles, but it is like a car wreck... you just have to look.
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  1. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    I read that as well. There's a reason he's not a GM anymore.

    I read some other stuff previously and connected Morneau to the Orioles (for any one of there group of young, major league-ready pitchers). He could have connected those dots pretty easily too, but didn't.

    Would you do it? Morneau and $7m for Matusz (Super-2, four years of team control). Would the Orioles need more cash?
  2. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    If you're the Twins, and you truly have no intention of attempting to resign Morneau, Then I think moving him at some point for a pitcher could be worth it, but I wouldn't give him away. If Morneau isn't traded, the Twins could give him a qualifying offer after the season. Morneau for 1 yr/~$14M or a 1st round pick are both palatable at this point.

    Any offer made for Morneau needs to be better than those options. Morneau +$7M for Matusz seems a little high for me, considering Matusz has not been lighting it up. Maybe an even swap (provided the Twins pump the funds back into payroll).
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