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Wooing Free Agents May Be Harder Than We Think

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Imagine, for a moment, you are looking for a job. You’re a pretty hot commodity and you have offers on the table from two companies:

Company A has spent the last two years floundering and has seen massive layoffs. Based on the company's history there is optimism for the current year, and they aren’t just hiring, but talking big about the future. The company offers you a competitive salary, a little higher than others perhaps, with great benefits and delightful little travel perks.

Company B is a powerhouse. Steady growth. “Recession proof.” They are able to offer you stability and the work atmosphere that you covet. The salary is slightly lower than Company A, but overall, the company is safer bet.

Which company would you choose?

This is the exact scenario facing free agents with an offer from the Twins. The Twins are Company A.

It seems many Twins fans forget that the worst team in the American League the last two years has been . . . well . . . the Twins. Free agents, especially in a market where guys like Jeremy Guthrie and Shane Victorino are getting paid, shall we say, "handsomely" can not only get paid, but paid by a team of their choice.

Take, for example, Joe Blanton. He just signed a deal with the Angels for two years, $15 million. How much more would it have likely taken for him to sign with a non-contender? Two years, $18 million? Perhaps a third year?

My point is fairly simple: We're all well aware that we've been watching one of the worst teams in the league the last two years, so it's time to be realistic about free agents. The worst team in the league has a hard time bringing in top talent, because top talent wants to win.

The right free agent deal is hard to come by. It's even harder when you perform terribly.

Eric Johnson


  1. Rosterman's Avatar
    You have to make a splash and throw some money around and do it early and go for the multi-year contract that may be reasonable unloaded if you fail (i.e. Marlins). It has to hurt that the Royals seem more competitive and bigger spenders than the...Twins. You don't get free agents by wandering the winter meetings and saying "we would like you to come and play for us in Minnesota...here is our one year offer with a nice option for a second year. Please come back and ask us what we really would pay you if you get another offer so we can shake our heads and go 'aw, shucks, what are they thinking.....'"
  2. beckmt's Avatar
    Twins have some talent, just not pitching. Some pitchers will come here, it just may be a bit more expensive than before. Question is, do the Twins want to spend the money.
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