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mlb.com on what the Twins should do.

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I was perusing the videos on mlb.com today and reliving some old glory moments when I came upon a video, posted today that discussed who two analysts thought the Twins should go after over the rest of the season and here were the picks along with my own thoughts.


Analyst #1: Jair Jurrjens
Analyst #2: Mike Pelfrey

My thoughts?:

If I had to pick on I would pick Jurrjens. 2013 has already been flushed away and while both of these players have had good years, they've both had big injury concerns in recent history with Pefrey's TJ's surgery and Jurrjens only starting 10 games in 2012 due to injuries. The Twins don't have enough ready-to-step-up pitching prospects to gamble on these guys.


Analyst #1: Freddy Galvis
Analyst #2: Pedro Florimon

My thoughts?

They say Galvis is starting to hit a bit. All I see is a .226 average with an abysmal .254 OBP. Also, he only hit above .240 once in his minor league career. His range factors beat out Florimon by a little bit and he did only commit one error last year in limited playing time, but that doesn't seem like enough to really go after a guy. I'll stick with Florimon for now.

Second Base:

Analyst #1: Jamey Carroll
Analyst #2: Freddy Sanchez

My thoughts?

Neither are spring chickens anymore but Sanchez' history is frequently scarred by injury including back surgery this last year to remove a disk. I've always liked Sanchez though and his bat is quite tempting however so if the Twins could sign him for a low-low cost then I would at least be interested.


Analyst #1: Trade Morneau for Franklin Gutierrez (also adds that
Mariners then sign Bourn)
Analyst #2: Aaron Hicks (also says watch out for Byron Buxton
comparing him to Ken Griffery Jr. implying he might win the
job out of Spring Training

My thoughts?

No. No to everything but giving Aaron Hicks a shot. If all we can get for Morneau is Franklin Gutierrez to take up space in our outfield until our younger stars are ready then I am truly depressed and Buxton being compared to Griffey is more than I'm willing to allow right now.

In Summary:

Some things seemed realistic (Hicks, Florimon, Carroll, *gag* Pelfrey) but it felt more like a fluff piece written because the network hadn't addressed the Twins in too long. I feel this unnecessary since everybody knows their 2013 season is doomed to the AL Central basement... which is why I just keep thinking about 2014 and beyond. Hooray for the light on the horizon!
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  1. raindog's Avatar
    Was the analyst seriously saying that Buxton could make it to the majors this year? Bizarre.
  2. Twins best friend's Avatar
    That was the last prediction he made. Still don't know WHERE that guy pulled that conclusion out of.
  3. darin617's Avatar
    Why not Kelly Johnson at 2B instead of Freddy Sanchez?
    And Brett Myers over both SP.
  4. lee_the_twins_fan's Avatar
    Carroll and Florimon are lined up as the Twins middle infielders. I don't see that changing. Could we use a better SS who hits better and fields better? Sure – but you can say that about every non-pitching position. I agree with you on Jurrgens. Mastorianni will be the Twins' CF to start the year; come June 1, we'll see Hicks or Arcia or Benson or – as a long shot – Nate Roberts ready for the Big Show. We have a lot of OF talent in the minors, almost ready. Buxton won't be up this year, but he just adds to our OF strength.*
  5. Twins best friend's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by darin617
    Why not Kelly Johnson at 2B instead of Freddy Sanchez?
    And Brett Myers over both SP.
    I'm not sure if I would go after Johnson. Kelly Johnson's range factor is very similar to Jamey Carroll's and they shared roughly the same fielding percentage. Johnson has the pop in his bat whereas Carroll is better at getting on base and Rogers Centre and Target Field are seperated by .001 in the home run factor so Johnson should be able to match his numbers from last year. I just don't see him as enough of an upgrade to chase after. Brett Myers I would enjoy seeing in a Twins uniform
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