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J-Dog Dungan

Chris Colabello-Replacement for Morneau?

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I am a big Colabello fan. When the Twins picked him up from the Independent League, I was intrigued. His IL numbers were very, very solid. When he came to the Twins organization, he did really, really well against competition that in my personal opinion is much tougher than in the IL. And in nearly 40 more games that he was used to playing, he drove in nearly 100 runs with 19 HR's. His BA and OBP were the lowest of his career this year, making me think that he will improve in them next year. He is also raking down in the Mexican Winter League.

Now, for the real reason I am writing this blog. I believe that if the Twins trade Justin Morneau mid-season, they should give serious consideration to bring Mr. Colabello up from whatever level he is at this year. I say this partly because as he is a righty, his power numbers are likely to go up in a field that is friendly to righties more than lefties like J-Mo. I also believe that he could adjust to the Majors and be a good 1B player. This would add a fairly powerful righty bat to the lineup while keeping Parmelee's bat in the lineup as well, albeit in RF and detracting from our defense. In a lineup that is lacking power from the right side aside from Willingham (and Plouffe when he is on his game), a guy who can drive in runs and hit HR's like Colabello can could be a real asset to the Twins.
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  1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Hell it isn't even clear to me that the Twins shouldn't start the season with him as their backup 1B,, RH bench bat, and emergency 3B. He is old--and in his prime right now--as a prospect. The Twins need to load their bench with the top producing players if they want to actually be legit in 2013. My views is that Wilkin Ramirez, Pedro Florimon, Chris Herrmann, and Chris Colabello should make up the bench at the start of the season. Seems so obvious to me.
  2. glunn's Avatar
    I agree and hope that he gets a shot this year.
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