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Axel Kohagen

The Buterrible-Pun Men.

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Between the idea and reality, between the motion and the act, falls the home run Towles hit this afternoon.

We terrible pun men wait by our computers, with our pointer fingers cocked and ready.

We terrible pun men, already awaiting the opportunity to be the first to title a blog post "The End of a But-ERA" when the catcher is dropped from the roster.

In this frozen land, we know only one smart-assed blogger can be the first to use "The End of a But-ERA." And so we wait with eyes watching the southeast, waiting for the moment to arise.

We terrible pun men don't hate the smallish catcher as much as we delight in the small smiles of smugness.

This is the way a pun begins
This is the way a pun begins
This is the way a pun begins
Both with a bang and Butera

(Apologies to Mr. Eliot)
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  1. Thrylos's Avatar
    So you think that the But-era will end by the Twins throwing in (the) Towles?
  2. Axel Kohagen's Avatar
    More likely that than seeing it get washed down the Rivera.
  3. JB_Iowa's Avatar
    Enough to make me laugh out loud. Thanks guys.
  4. dave_dw's Avatar
    If only the Twins had Ryan Doumit while playing indoors...Metro-Doumit.
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