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Why blockbuster trades make an organization worse. SHORT TERM

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Why it is bad for toronto.

The reason behind this article is due to the recent trade between Miami and Toronto. Also it is that all that I have heard in the last couple of days is that the blue jays are now contenders in the AL east. Which would make sense, because of the Red Sox continue to fall each year. Along with the Yankees new struggles in offense and in their starting rotation. But you cannot forget about the orioles, who shocked everyone last year. With excellent pitching and defense.
But the reason I DON'T THINK THE BLUE JAYS WILL WIN OVER 75 games is that of chemistry between the players on and off the field.
Nobody knows how Jose Reyes is going to play in the blue jay's stadium, that doesn't play to his ability of getting doubles and triples. Another thing is how his attitude wll be towards the trade, his new teammates, and Toronto in general. He is coming from Miami, which is one of the warmest states in America and now he is going to one of the coldest placest in North American. My guess is that he will ask for a trade at the end of the year. Simply because he didn't want to be traded and didn't choose Toronto.
Another thing that I hear is that now that the Blue Jays have one of the better rotations In the league. Just because they have Josh Johnson now doesn't mean he will be an ace, or even HEALTHY!! With this being the last year on his contract, I don't see him signing a extension with Toronto, especially if Reyes leaves too. And even if he does do good, he will be a potential trade target, come mid July.
If you haven't noticed already the Blue Jays payroll jumped almost as high as the Dodgers did earlier this year. Saying in which that it is becoming a Dodger like payroll without the Magic Johnson type of money.
Aside from the money situation, recent blockbuster trades have not played out for the team that gained in payroll, rather then loosing. Back in 2010 when the Red Soxs traded for Adrian Gonzalaes, and landed Carl Crawford from free agency, they dug themselves into a huge hole in payroll. Then as the season got closer and closer it seemed like every where you looked people said the Red Sox were going to win the World Series. That season......they didn't even make the playoffs. The next season Gonzalaes, Crawford, Beckett and Punto get traded to L.A. This team two years ago a live in the moment kind of team. Now they're a work for the future kind of team and most likely to finish 4th in the east.

Why this is bad for the marlins.
The big picture in this trade for Miami was that they got rid of a boat load of payroll. BUT this is only due to a failed experiment, that only took one season to realize that it was a mistake. In which Gullien gets fired, and Reyes, Johnson, Burhle, and Heath bell are gone. Which is what nobody thought would happen. Because last winter they spent over $100 million to try and bring in a winning team and new fans. Along with that a new multi-million dollar stadium. Now the only player that is, in my opinion good or worth mult-million dollars is Stanton.
Probably the only thing that has gone right for the Marlins, is that you can only hope that they got some really good prospects in that trade with Toronto. Otherwise this trade defiantly favors Toronto. This also relates to Boston, in that trade with L.A. You can only hope that they too got good prospects with that kind of talent they sent away.

With all of this being said, and with all of the media and fans saying that the Blue Jays are now a contender, they can only see what these players have done and what they can do. And when you only look at the talent level, everything will collapse, leading to more blockbuster trades and bad decisions by GMs. Because they can't look at the chemistry side of baseball which is always more important then the physical side of it.

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