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Last go around for some Twins upper level prospects.

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There are a number of Twins prospects from the upper level of the farm system that will need to produce the spring and summer or risk the chance of being left behind or needing a different orgainization to get to the major leagues in because of the wealth of talent the Twins have coming.

1. Parmelee. He has the best chance of making it and also because of expectations the best chance of failure. His current shelve life is about 1/2 a season, because at that time the Twins will have 2 major decisions to make
1a. What to do with Arcia/Hicks/Benson because one of them is ready to play at the major league level(if not both).
1b. Morneau has come back to close to form and needs to be extended/traded based on Parmelee's output.

2. Benson. Nice ballplayer whose drop in the prospect rankings show how far the Twins farm system has come. If he does not show progress at the major league level this season, he risks being overtaken by Arcia, Hicks, Buxton, Roberts, Kepler for starters as Twins outfielders. My guess on Benson is that he does not make enough contact and is added to a package for more young pitching at midseaon or after the end of the baseball season.

3. Henricks. Liam Henricks has the most upside of any young Twins #4 or #5 starter type. He needs to put it together this year at the major league level or risk the Twins will fill out the starting staff from the pitchers aquired in trades this winter(Myers and May) or some of the other Twin young pitchers (Herman, Wimmers, Deduno,DeVires) to name a few. Once on that slippery slope he will have to prove himself better than the other options the Twins have. That will not be easy. AAA is littered with players who are great at AAA and do not have the stuff to produce at the major league level.

4. Dozier. Brian probably has all of this year to prove he belongs at the major league level. Failure to do so will probably label him as a utility infielder or a AAA player. Twins have Santana, Rosario, and Michael a year or two away. Twins also have the issue that by 2014 or 2015 they will be ready to step up to the next level and contend, so if middle infield spots are not taken, they may be more willing to spend money to bring in a proven player to fill the need.

5. Do not feel that either Floriman or Escobar will be more that a utility player here in two years. That also factors into how Dozier will have to claim a job or find a new home as both of Floriman and Escobar will probably never be high price players, so nice utility fits at a cheap cost.


  1. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Thanks beckmt. Thought provoking article.
    I would probably add Plouffe to the list. In the minor leagues until 2011 he never had an OPS greater than .736. That is not a stat that screams "big league third baseman!".
    His OPS for June and July were excellent, but the rest of the year was pretty weak.
    We all hope he found his swing, but I can't imagine where it was hiding for 7 years.
    Updated 02-24-2013 at 10:47 AM by Oldgoat_MN
  2. mnfanforlife's Avatar
  3. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    Maybe Dozier produces like he did in AA with the MLB club, then in 2015, you have Dozier at SS, Rosario at 2B, and Santana UTIL. Hopefully Sano is at 3B, and Vargas/Parmelee/anyone good, is at 1B. OF would be Roberts/Hicks/Arcia, with ultra-prospects Buxton and Kepler in AA or higher. Not even mentioning how good the pitching staff could be in 2015 with trades of Morneau and/or Willingham for pitchers-only. Then the draft in June......!!!! Could be a real nice squad in 2015
  4. beckmt's Avatar
    Plouffe was not included because he has all of this year and probably some of next as I do not see Sano here until 2015-2016. He is more likely a person to be replaced by an FA if the Twins are good in 2014. He would have to have a bad year this year for that to happen.
  5. lee_the_twins_fan's Avatar
    I am supportive of Chris Colabello making the squad. I really think he can hit and field either 3B or 1B. When Plouffe is injured (note I said when, not if) Colabello would be my 1st choice for 3B. I hope he gets some reps there this spring.
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