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Don't Feed the Greed? What does that mean...

Rosario, Carew and the Jump from Single A to the Majors

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Hey friends,

I am willing to admit that it's way too early to get our hopes up regarding Eddie Rosario and his 5 for 8 outburst against AA to AAA level pitchers. Some of the heavy hitters on this site have commented that it's absurd to believe that we could hear--once again--chants of "Eddie, Eddie" as early as this spring in Minnie. I get it.

But don't tell me it can never happen. http://www.baseball-reference.com/mi...d=carew-001rod

Calvin Griffith took a flyer on a kid named Rodney Cline Carew, who jumped from Singe A ball, in 1966, all the way to Met Stadium, in 1967. The Denver Bears (AAA) and Charlotte Hornets (AA) never knew Carew. So, how did he do in his first season in a Twins uniform? How about an All Star invitation, and Rookie of the Year?

Carew had more experience at second than Rosario. That's a major reason why Eddie will stay on pace to join the parent club in late 2014, with a chance to be in the starting lineup on Opening Day, 2015. The other reason? Delaying the start of Rosario's MLB "Years of Service" clock.

All I'm saying, Seth and Co, is that stranger things have happened.

That is all.


  1. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    No doubt. Strange things consistently happen in baseball. Will Eddie be a Carew-caliber talent? Time will tell. I love considering all possibilities, but Rosario has a lot of "ifs" to go along with a ton of potential.
  2. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    There is a legitimate concern that pushing him up so fast could actually diminish his ability in the long term as it is the case that there are significantly learning steps at each stop in the minors.

    Also, I am being nice about even addressing this. It is PREPOSTEROUS to look at a few spring training games and come to such conclusions as this one.

    Also, Eddie is NOT major league ready at second base.

    For the record, I am a critic of the uber-slow approach this organization takes in moving prospects--I would like to see players moved to AA and AAA faster--but in this case, patience is a virtue. Eddie Rosario at age 23 is going to be a delight.

    Finally, and this is directed generally and not at you specifically: I am amused by the turn towards Rosario now after the reaction to his 2012 season initially. The dude is good and the 2012 actually support that pretty clearly. There is no reason to lower him significantly. But it is also flat-out dumb to get crazy about ST numbers.
  3. SurroundedByTigers's Avatar
    How long does anybody think Rosario sits in the minors while the Twins pile up losses again. Fans are looking for signs of life and some hope, and that's what Rosario (and Arcia, Hicks, Meyer, Gibson, etc.) provides. If he's hitting and working hard on his defense at 2B, then he's going to be promoted from Single-A to Double-A by mid-season. If he's really good this year, Rosario could climb all the way to the majors. His only roadblock would be Dozier suddenly developing into a competent, reliable player.
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