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Axel Kohagen

The Laughs of the 90s Are Alive With Provus.

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I've liked Cory Provus from day one. The man calls a good ballgame. He doesn't oversell the drama. He sounds like baseball ought to.

Since I've permanently ditched cable for the radio, I've been spending a lot more time listening to Mr. Provus. My opinion hasn't changed.

However, I've begun to notice something.

He's funny.

He's really funny.

He isn't flashy about it. He's not about loud voices, zingers, or crazy stories. I can't quote you a kneeslapper to prove my point. But he's funny just the same.

You have to listen for it. Whenever I tune in Provus drops one small, subtle joke. He doesn't make a show out of it. When you realize he just said something tremendously funny he's already moved on to the next thing - and that makes it funnier.

I miss that sly, dead-pan humor. Maybe it's the 90s child in me. Provus must know a little something about the 90s, considering his bio proclaims his appreciation of the band Pearl Jam.

Here's what I know for sure: I'm ready to sit outside with the radio on, listening for opposite field dingers and subtle Provus zingers.

Summer is looking pretty good.

-- Axel


  1. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Personally, I think Provus is better than Gordon ever was.
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