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What's In A Name?

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It's been a few years since I did this. You'll either love it or hate it. Here are some anagrams of the 25-man roster. I don't claim a lot of creativity, and I used a program to generate possibilities. I spared the mods some grief by leaving out the dirty ones. Some names are pretty barren (had to cheat and use Mauer's given name Joseph), while others give an embarrassment of riches and you might think up better ones. Or you might even spot some typos/errors, because I don't have an editor to check my work.

Burton, Jared
Jarred On Tub
Be Rotund Jar
Red Banjo Rut

Correia, Kevin
I Overrank Ice
Arrive Nice, OK?
Re: A Rink Voice

De Vries, Cole
Relieves Doc
Ever I'd Close
Lo, Deceivers!

Duensing, Brian
SABR Inning Due
Unbending Airs
A Burdening Sin

Fien, Casey
In Ye Faces
Yes, Fiance
If Eyes Can

Hendriks, Liam
Kindlier Hams
Damn Irish Elk
Had Milk Rinse

Pelfrey, Mike
Key P.M. Relief
Keep My Rifle
Me Fry Elk Pie

Perkins, Glen
Kneel, Spring
Kennel Grips
Kelp Ginners

Pressly, Ryan
Snarly Preys
Spryly Earns
Sly Spy Reran

Robertson, Tyler
Re: Yr Rotten Lobs
Only Best Terror
Torrent By Loser

Roenicke, Josh
Senior Jock, Eh?
No, I Chose Jerk
Hi, Joke Censor

Worley, Vance
Lawyer Coven
Clever? No Way
Rewoven Clay

Ryan Doumit
A Minor Duty
Rainy To Mud
Road Mutiny

Joseph Mauer
A Hose Jumper
A Jeep's Humor
Heroes Jam Up

Carroll, Jamey
Clearly Major
Am Jolly Racer
Larry, Calm Joe

Dozier, Brian
Bizarre Odin
Bird Air Zone
Barn Iodizer

Escobar, Eduardo
Absurd Rodeo Ace
Due A Scoreboard
Bread Cause Odor

Florimon, Pedro
Implode For Ron
Redo Minor Flop
Poor Field Norm

Mastroianni, Darin
Indiana Rainstorm
Maintains In Ardor
Nod, Sit In Marinara

Morneau, Justin
Unjar Mounties
Injures Man Out
A Moist June Run

Parmelee, Chris
He Riles Camper
I Help Screamer
Smile, Preacher!

Plouffe, Trevor
Pervert Of Foul
Flop Tour Fever
Prove Four Left

Hicks, Aaron
Oh, I Ransack
Hi Narc, KAOS?
A Shark Coin

Ramirez, Wilkin
Kremlin Air Wiz
I Win Milk Razer
Kiwi Raze Mr. Nil

Willingham, Josh
Jowl Lashing Him
MN Jails High, Low
Hill Jig Showman

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  1. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    I put the uncensored list on the web at http://www.skypoint.com/members/ashbury/anagrams
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