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Very Well Then

2013 Twins Lineup Challenge

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Opening Day lineups are fun. But the real definition of a team is the composite lineup throughout the season.

Were the 2006 Twins defined more by opening day starter Tony Batista or the meteoric rise and fall of young Francisco Liriano?

IN 1984, the year Kirby Puckett established himself in centerfield for the Twins, the opening day center fielder was Jim Eisenreich.

The real test is to guess the season-long lineup. Baseball-Reference does a great job of keeping track of the primaries at each position, as well as the key bench players. What will Baseball-Reference's 2013 Twins page look like at season end? Here is what it looked like after 2012.

Over at VeryWellThen.Com I’m holding a “challenge” – a contest of sorts – to most-correctly guess the overall lineup for the Twins for the 2013 season -- i.e. what the 2013 Twins Baseball-Reference page will look like.

Go to VeryWellThen.Com and leave your best guess in the comments section.

To make it interesting, I’m offering a free T-Shirt of the winner's choice from the Diamond-Centric great collection of Twins-Centric T-Shirts.

Complete details are at VeryWellThen.Com. Entries need to be made before Opening Day.

Updated 03-24-2013 at 11:02 PM by VeryWellThen

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  1. John Bonnes's Avatar
    You may want to post this on the forum. More people might see it there.

  2. VeryWellThen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by John Bonnes
    You may want to post this on the forum. More people might see it there.


    Thanks, John for tip on the forum page. Come make your picks for the season-long lineup, before Opening Day begins.
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