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stringer bell

Ex-Twins in the Majors

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Here is a list of ex-Twins who have made Opening Day rosters in the major leagues. Long on pitchers and outfielders, short on infielders and starting pitching quality. Sound familiar?

Denard Span--Nationals
Ben Revere--Phillies
Jason Kubel--Diamondbacks
Carlos Gomez--Brewers
Torii Hunter--Tigers
Michael Cuddyer--Rockies
Garrett Jones--Pirates
Alexi Casilla--Orioles
JJ Hardy--Orioles
Nick Punto--Dodgers
Henry Blanco--Blue Jays
AJ Pierzynski--Rangers
Wilson Ramos--Nationals
Jason Marquis--Padres
RA Dickey--Blue Jays
Kyle Lohse--Brewers
Philip Humber--Astros
Kevin Slowey--Marlins
Grant Balfour--A's
Pat Neshek--A's
Luis Ayala--Orioles
Jesse Crain--White Sox
Jose Mijares--Giants
Jon Rauch--Marlins
Matt Guerrier--Dodgers
Joe Nathan--Rangers
LaTroy Hawkins--Mets

Notable DLs--Santana, Ortiz, Young, Liriano, Breslow

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  1. stringer bell's Avatar
    Add Brendan Harris to the list. He is on the Dodger team listed as a third baseman, no doubt as a result of Hanley Ramirez' injury. Harris is on the Angel team, and with injuries to Aybar and Callaspo, he is seeing some playing time at short and third.
    Updated 04-28-2013 at 07:46 AM by stringer bell (erroneous info)
  2. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    Henry Blanco is still around? He's got to be 60 years old by now. He was 60 when he was 30. Nice list, always fun to see where old names pop up.
  3. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    And Mike Trout is playing somewhere on the west coast.

    Wait, that was just a dream I had.
  4. stringer bell's Avatar
    Quick comment on ex-Twins: Three OFs off to fast starts--Torii, Cuddy, and Gomez. AJ has been solid, Span and Jones have been pretty good. Ramos and Kubel are on the DL. Delmon Young and Frankie Liriano are close to making their debuts after being disabled. Pitching: Despite no wins, Kevin Slowey has been very good for the Marlins. RA Dickey hasn't had Cy Young form, but I don't think many expected him to do that. Alex Burnett has ended up on the Orioles roster and Luis Ayala was traded, but is still in the majors. Struggling: Philip Humber 0-5 with a near 8 ERA and JJ Hardy under the Mendoza line.
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