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Axel Kohagen

Game 1 - Slushy

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When I sat down in my home office and turned on the Nationals game to hear how Denard Span did with his new team, the sun was friendly and my view was mostly free from snow. By the time I got in my car and tuned into the Twins game, all I could see were piles of snow and gloomy skies.

Gray is the official color of being down by two runs.

The Twins must have settled in after that, but when I got back in my car I listened to them waste a bases loaded opportunity. Duensing came in and I winced.

I was right to wince.

At least Mauer seems ready to rumble. Listening in, it sounded like Dozier was a little off, but that might just be a by-product of my gray mood.

I did my part. I put up my Twins stained glass and wore my lucky Joe Nathan shirsey (first shirsey I ever bought). I even put on my Twins socks. They're a newer part of the ritual, but they're very important.

Last night Game of Thrones started a new season and The Walking Dead finished up a season. I came home listening to Sisters of Mercy cheer on the apocalypse from my car stereo.

It hit me that when we picture the apocalypse or medieval times, we tend to imagine ourselves as heroes or villains. Somebody has to be the soldier who dies without fanfare, or the zombie brained without a second thought. You can't have heroes without filling the battlefield with cannon fodder.

On a gray day like today, it's hard not wonder if we're signing on to cheer for cannon fonder - zombies with TCs on their heads.

Maybe I'm being too hard on the team. It's only April. The days will get less gray.



  1. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    Two fantastic lines here: "gray is the official color of being down two runs", and "It's hard not to wonder if we're signing on to cheer for cannon fodder"...

    Great ways to put words to the feelings. The longer this goes on the more likely I am to shout out "BRAAAAIIINS" during the later innings.
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